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The contents of the letter until potentially after he speaks with President Trump. So we weren't expecting to see that letter. But we learned it happened, man. That's what I want to know what's in that letter. You know, it was such a contentious election. Obviously going to the end where President Trump was saying it was stolen from him? Definitely very, very curious to see what goes on in there. Well, Julia Manchester Political reporter at the Hill, Thank you very much for joining us. Thank you. Also big news leading up to President Trump leaving office. All eyes were on the pardons. He was gonna issue He ended up granting clemency to 143 people 73 pardons and 70 computations. Most notably people that did not make the list where President Trump himself his family members Rudy Giuliani or Tiger King Joe exotic names that did stand out, though, included Steve Bannon and rapper Lil Wayne. For more on who got the last of the Trump pardons will speak to Josh Gerstein, senior legal affairs correspondent at Politico. I would say that they were not as provocative as sort of earth shattering as some people thought was possible, obviously, if Trump had decided to try to pardon himself That would be something completely unprecedented in American history, and it would have provoked legal challenges. Some people said he thought it might have intensified federal investigations into the President, President Richard Nixon, actually considered a self pardon, but decided to leave the White House. Without granting that himself later got a pardon from President Ford, of course, But as you say, probably of the parties that were issue Steve Bannon, probably the most noteworthy and provocative Steve Bannon. Was founder editor of Bright Bart website, then went on to be key strategist maybe the central strategist of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and then a top adviser in the White House before falling out with the president. About a year So over there is the White House, so he had continued to be a supporter of President Trump had backed Lot of the talk about election fraud in the 2020 both the kind of things that the president has been advancing the last couple of months that don't seem to have a lot of factors. Foundation to them that may have been in part to get back into trump good graces. The reason it was so important for Bannon is that he's facing a federal prosecution along with three other men. Or fraud in connection with private fundraising or construction of a border wall along the US border with Mexico. Prosecutors in New York got an indictment of him and these others Saying that they lied about various aspects of their fundraising and that they diverted funds to obviously personal use and luxury. You're listening to the Daily dive weekend edition CAF? I am 6 40 everywhere in the I Heart radio app. When we come back, we'll continue our conversation about who did didn't get pardon from President Trump Contractor's license. 10 47 7 81. It was exactly one year ago when I told you it was about to become illegal. The manufacturer import are 22 free on into the United States. Well, that became long on January 1st 2020, and since then, anyone who had a little tank of free on tucked away is treating it like that tank is made of solid gold and full of diamonds. The bottom line is it's going to cost you a fortune to repair your worn out old are 22 a seat when it quits working next summer, and on its best day that case, he wouldn't compare to a new Guettel system. Get American issues of the gold standard, the best to the best the top of the top all the other air conditions city each other. When I grow up, I wanna be a gallon..

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