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Moving people and technology forward. We've got a big day college football here's been raby. All right, Ralph underway in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Miami scoreless in the first quarter, UVA facing backup quarterback Jake Garcia, hurricane starter Tyler Van Dyke, a late scratch with a shoulder injury, so we'll see a Virginia is able to take advantage UVA entering play three and four on the season elsewhere in the top 25. Number two Ohio State continuing to lead 13th ranked Penn State now ten zero late in the first quarter also in the first number 16 Syracuse and Notre-Dame tied at 7. Three 30 kick in Annapolis for the navy midshipman as they're taking on temple, temple going with freshman quarterback EJ Warner, EJ the son of Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner scouting report from navy head coach candy in Monta Lolo. Seems like he's got a good head on his shoulders. He seems very calm, under pressure. Doesn't look like they ask him to do much, you know, just manage the game and he makes good decisions, but the future is bright for this young man and I think he's only going to get better. If he could throw the deep ball like his father did, he'll be in pretty good shape. NHL capitals looking to bounce back tonight in Nashville. Camp's coming off at two zero loss Thursday in Dallas, the capitals. Otherwise, the best road record in the NHL over the past two plus seasons and in the World Series the Astros picking up the pieces today after blowing a 5 zero lead in the series opener, Philly's rallied for the 6 5 win the largest comeback in a World Series game in 20 years Zach Wheeler and framber Valdez your game two starters. Ben raby WTO sports. Top stories we're following for you at this hour on WTO. House speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband Paul has had surgery to repair his skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm in hand as after a break in and attack at his San Francisco home early Friday morning, a suspect identified as David de poppy is in custody. Political opponents of Virginia governor Glenn youngkin want him to apologize for what they're calling shameful comments that he made about the attack. This while campaigning in Virginia Friday for 7th congressional candidate, yes Li Vega. Congresswoman Jennifer wexton is calling it a failure of leadership. And the Marine Corps marathon, a big one, it's tomorrow that metro's opening two hours early at 5 a.m. to accommodate a swath of riders, free shuttle buses at 6 blue and yellow line stations will begin operating at 5 a.m. with increased frequencies during peak periods before and after the race. Stay with us at WTO P for road closures with traffic and weather on the aids as that's happening. We'll also have more on these stories in just minutes. It is 1247, a man convicted of a wrong film murder that happened in 2013 is now set to spend decades behind bars. Brian bird was sentenced to life in prison with all but 40 years suspended. The D.C. man and two others broke into an addiction recovery house on grenoble drive in Rockville, the man they were initially targeting was not there. A struggle broke out and they shot and killed Alex buoy, state's attorney John McCarthy says in a statement that it was a case of mistaken identity and beauty was truly innocent victim. Von Bellamy, who was also convicted of first degree murder in the case, will be sentenced in December, a third defendant has pleaded guilty to armed robbery and is also awaiting sentencing. Coming up in money news. Have you always wanted to see an oak canal boat ride? You better hurry. I'm Jeff label. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, here's Joe Conway in the traffic center. Craft heads up Virginia drivers eastbound 66, the rollover crashes near one 23, only the right shoulder able to get by and that under police direction, as you might expect a lot of response there. And that is essentially a 5 lane stretch with all the 5 lanes essentially blocked off. You don't need the right shoulder squeezing by under police direction, plan ahead, maybe use around 50 or another route. If you're 66 west, as you make your way toward nutty street, you're in a volume delayed look at it, farther east than 66 eastbound, near the beltway, they went out to look for a medical emergency believe they found something, a 95 north end north of route three, the crash before the rappahannock on the right shoulder, but the delays remain. No identity 5 slows out a triangle to the earlier Christian deer boulevard on the left shoulder. 95 south flows across the Aquaman out of a quiet often on toward falmouth, easy past lanes run south, Fredericksburg crashes northbound route one near fall hill avenue state to the left. In Maryland beltway delays at New Hampshire avenue toward two 70, off and on in volume, river road crash was at the border with the district at western avenue, affecting traffic both ways, I 70 westbound, your crash at west friendship was near about 32. Sounds like they're only single and gets by looking for a crash Baltimore to Parkway northbound near powder mill road. District D.C. 25 southbound standard delays burrows avenue where these capital street. I turn 95 southbound jam 6 95 toward the Parkway work zone, single leg gets by. North antin 85 slows after blue planes for a work zone. There are only one link gets through in a delay, then farther north, more delays, leaving some Malcolm X avenue heading up for the suitland Parkway again, only one lane gets through. Brought to my Greenberg and betterment for more than 35 years they've helped tens of thousands of clients who have been hurt in car crashes have been medical malpractice victims visit GB lawyers dot com and feel better. I'm Joe Comey WTF traffic, not a storm team four meteorologist clay Anderson. The last weekend in October will bring us cooler than average temperatures, sunshine for Saturday and clouds increase on Sunday. Eyes today will be in the low 60s with a gentle wind from the north 5

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