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Up finding a little bit more offense before the first half ended. And the city had a 14 that I and lead at the break and the homes kept it going in the third quarter is Kansas City tried to hang on a second gold chiefs of the five trailing by one sprint out action. The last final, Holmes calls it his right hand. Why is it late for the end zone in the back of the end zone? Hardman with the catch? Does he have it? They haven't ruled it. Yes, they do. Touchdown Kansas City this time that yet takes a small plane, a single engine plane to the back of the end zone and their chiefs regained the lead on a five yard touchdown pass. Mitchell, just one of 65 the wolf in the chief's radio network. Kansas City would go on to win this game. It got tired at the end, but the chief's hang on for a 32 to 29 win the homes. Three touchdown passes on the day There was one key fumble gave New Orleans life late in the ballgame, but Kansas City improves to 13 and one of the year they have now won nine in a row. 1 11 in a row on the road and get this, including last year's postseason. They've won 22 of their last 23 games. Still in line for the top spot in the A F. C. They lost Clyde Edwards a layer to an injury in the fourth quarter of this game. But right now Kansas City with games against Atlanta and the Chargers, both at home In good to potentially be the number one seed for New Orleans. Drew Brees, stir for 234 Yards, threw three touchdown passes on the day, but New Orleans falls to 10 and four. What does that mean? They're a full game now behind Green Bay for the top overall spot of the NFC. Because Green Bay holds the tiebreaker. You like thinking about things in baseball terms, hackers. Magic number is one right now to clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs, Anyone Green Bay win or one New Orleans laws and Green Bay will be the top overall seed. Rams came into today looking to clinch a playoff spot with a win. And why wouldn't they think they were going to their plane at home? Against the windless New York Jets? Jets beat the Rams once in Los Angeles? It was back when I was five. If you don't know me. That means it was 1970. That's offense number 32 in the NFL, the Rams defense number one, but New York scored on their first possession. They always do, and they continued scoring in this game through the third quarter. Rams, however, were not so fortunate. They were struggling against the New York defense and they were trailing in this ballgame by a score at one point of 23 is it turned out? They came back got within three. But the New York Jets needed to convert a first down to be able to run out the clock and a quick flip to Frank Gore, who'd already scored a touchdown in the game turned out to be what clinched it for New York. The Jets win and the upset of the year in the NFL. They knock off the Rams 23 2 20 Today, their first victory of the season. Sam Darnell's Goes for 207 yards. Ty Johnson and Frank War each scored touchdowns and the Jets break the franchise long 13 game losing streak. Here's what Mr Gore had to say about finally getting that win. I feel good, You know, great. Feeling happy We got the win. And, you know just because how hard we work every every day, huh? Every week we come in, I said as a team. And you know you could come and watch us man. They don't look like Want 13 team..

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