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I guess on the mock part of this is kind of some fit a little bit. The blazers at 7, you have dame, you have Simon's, maybe you're not drafting bathroom. The pacers at 6, you have brogden there. You just traded for Halliburton. I could see the argument for golf or a guard there. TJ Warren. You guys TJ Warren, blocking Keegan Murray's minutes. So I mean, they have a lot of guys on that team. Where it's maybe not about need, it's just about BPA. I don't know. Now that I bring up BPA, I'm curious, what are you talking to teams Ryan? What kind of feedback do you get in terms of the taking the best player available versus factoring in need? Well, I've always said that the NFL, like you can tell by the way up, right? So I guess you would be out of the way. I just want to double check that. I think you make mistakes big time when you drive for a need in basketball. NFL, they do it all the time. I mean, the need driven picks, even in the first round. It's incredible. How often it's a need driven. Basketball, I think that's where you make big mistakes. I mean, unless it's like Chris Paul and gear three. Derek rose were available. Then maybe you go, okay. We actually can't do this. I think there are rare extremes. There's no absolutes. But if I'm looking at if I'm looking at like, I don't know, I would just go back to your mock here. If I'm the pacers and I'm thinking like, all right, Keegan Murray's 22 and math runs two years younger than him, I guess. We can get on the months here. I just think you make a huge mistake when you go need for basketball, because it's kind of like back to the chat thing. It's other teams that'll make mistakes where they go, well, we knew we were going to be taking on way more risk because it's about trying to get somebody that breaks through and can carry your basketball team. So maybe we'll take a flyer on a guy that's way lower floor because we think it's a chance of being more impactful than going, oh cool, we drafted somebody who's going to be a rotation guy, you know, maybe 5 through 9 on a roster at some point and you guys are going to pay playing the league, you know, 6, 8 years and get paid and the second contract all this kind of stuff. But I mean, does that really make us better? Do we really put ourselves in a position to improve ourselves? And so I don't know, I'm not a big need guy unless it's really, really extreme. We're two guys are completely in each other's way. I think the way the way it was framed to me a couple of years ago that made sense is neat and drafting for a need might be about breaking a tie breaker. If there's a handful of prospects where it's so close between them, you're factoring in need to say, oh, well, what's our philosophy? What are our potential opportunities in the near future with transactions? What is our coach want? What's that system look like? In terms of need, I think, I think all of that does kind of loop into how you end up ranking these players and who you consider the actual best player with who you are and what your team is and what you already have. But ultimately, I don't think you're going to draft a player who is clearly a worse prospect talent wise than someone who is clearly a better prospect, talent wise, and less it's so close. That's when you factor a need versus like you said with the NFL. Teams do do that based specifically off of me. That doesn't happen much in the NBA. But I think need does matter. It does factor into how you end up ranking these guys, which is why it's so tough. It's so tough to rank with a general board. Because for some teams, Chet won't be number one. For others, he will be. He's not a no brainer guy. So to review his Chet one to Houston, jabari two to Detroit, Jade and ivy three to Orlando fours Paolo to OKC, AJ Griffin number 5 to Sacramento, 6 would be Keegan Murray to the pacers, Jalen Durham, 7 out of Memphis to Portland, and then we mentioned Mather in 9 to the Knicks. So I skipped over somebody here who's become the mystery man out of Kentucky, who's also sort of out of Canada. And that shade on sharp. If you watch any of his AAU stuff, you get why, I don't know, I've seen him rank number three going into this class. I've seen him rank number one. Other places have build him on his Wikipedia page. It says that he was number one by ESPN 24/7 and rivals, but then there's other times I've seen him ranked as the number three guy. He never played, didn't play for Kentucky. I watch a Cal pressure the other day, where he was like, if he's going to go in the top three, I'll tell him to go, but they're hinting that he's going to come back to play at Kentucky. He is an incredibly impressive 6 5 perimeter guy with a ton of game, aggressive as hell, there's a lot to really like about him from the AAU part of this. Some teams love him, but we haven't seen him play basketball now for a long time. I have a hard time believing I know what your Intel is that he's not going to end up going in the draft here because we're talking about at least the top ten pick, but what do you have on him? And my impression is he'll go to the draft. We don't know that for certain yet, but my impression is he'll be in the 2022 draft. And with him, I wonder if he's the type of guy who, when teams see him up close with workouts, that's where his stock is going to be really, truly determined because right now all we're going off of is Intel based off what we heard or some people have seen from out of Kentucky. And also from everything that happened before college, playing AU playing in high school and the improvement that we just talked about improvement with bathroom and the guys like Jordan Poole with the shade and sharp, he goes from an unranked prospect to 6 6 go to scoring type who has every move in the book from the perimeter who can defend who's a willing passer. He checks all these boxes of the type of player above the rim. You know he's a great athlete. He can finish with touch he just checks all these boxes of somebody who can be your leading guy of a franchise because of his scoring ability and his ability to do everything else. It's just he's kind of a mystery box. Because we didn't see him compared to all of these other guys and we've seen this story play out before. Jaden hardy goes to the G league. Hardy more of that scoring type as well, who shows sprinkles of some other stuff. He plays in the G league, struggles, some people don't even have him ranked in the lottery anymore when he was a top 5 guy entering this last season. So it could have all fallen apart for sharp had he played at Kentucky. But it also could have really established him as the clear number one, number two, number three guy. Like he was out of high school. All right, how confident are you in this group between sohan ten to Portland, Johnny Davis 11 to the wizards, east and LSU.

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