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Point wealthy gift the overruled loathe free no understand okay those a good job but i'm just saying this the difference between somebody like pants and somebody lake trump is pence is these seasoned veteran in politics dungeni knows how to put business deals together don't have an ounce of experience and that's where all this week this is coming to a head now they need a lackey they need to see that's what they need days you can't tell me that the trumps don't have multiple people that will be willing to be their lackeys to show up and do these things put them on the payroll make them do these deeds you know if you're unsure about a meeting ng you're not sure if you're getting information you're not sure if it to charity thing you're not sure if you should even be there don't send the president son sen somebody that's an intern sent somebody that you know that's a friend of a friend man boy talking about this last night i wonder how much of this is the russians was them gauging entr gauging americans interest in this does that make sense like okay let me say that up last night he did like how much of this was like a whole well are going to send a lackey or on donald trump jr in kushner and meth fort show up and that tells the russians boy they are interested and the man they didn't think this through their interested and they did not think this through going back to sean hannity to his credit he did asked the question that we were all kind of thinking last night when you read.

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