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Whiskey warrior today and everything that's been going on around that by four to me the most interested without a lot of it's really interesting actually but one of the more interesting aspects is the response of his Instagram followers yeah the the very next line in the article says his following went from roughly four thousand followers to over a hundred and thirty five thousand during the confrontation I would watch if you want some of it like life I don't know I know I got the the sort of the story okay congrats to him all right away first time I ever figured out a story on Instagram I don't know anything about Instagram you know is my understanding is just young lady is taking pictures of their families and by the way that's their this course I would be disappointed if it was not so that's a that's awesome bump and followers I'm pleased for him that's a clever way of marketing well is your thing it shows the power of social media to write one social media is scapes the centralization aspect I think it's going to be a very very powerful tools to advance you know the ideas of freedom and liberty my personal opinion but I it just shows up I mean we used to see crowd sourcing like things like library but for live streaming and things like massed on that's the sort of thing you're referring to mastodon are I'm sorry you better explain what librarian mastodon are now so Mastin on is a Twitter competitor that uses up federated servers so instead of just one centralized server owned by Twitter there are lots and lots of mastodon servers out there when I'm on is called Libertad is a libertarian server run by a libertarian I and the servers sort of communicate with one another you can join different servers to some is complicated a sort of white circles from how Google plus attempted to be so it's sort of a combination of Google plus and Twitter I suppose it's a libertarian Twitter okay sure let's go with that all right do you guys remember flash mobs yes right is used to be a thing people would go online and they say Hey there's a thing going on and like a bunch of people with everybody hates to dance in the center of the mall at six thirty on Tuesday Tuesday let's go and that's the thing so it shows up dances for ten minutes and then it's gone and different varieties of flash mobs we saw right so we saw things like the the protests on Wall Street and that kind of thing occupied by moving a little much of versions of flash mob could afford to go six months without their jobs protesting Wall Street which is the symbol of people who can afford to go six months without work in their jobs right but we saw versions of flash mobs and so it's my opinion that once social media becomes free from the centralized aspects that we'll see more versions of flash mobs things like this but how can it be truly decentralized as long as the I. S. P. is centralized because the cops threaten to do that with the whisky water they threatened to shut off his internet so what can you do other than I guess mesh networks are the only I mean there's you know I I'm not the inventor of how this is all going to happen I just foresee it as inevitable and I'm sure the blockchain is going to be involved in some way shape sure but you have to access the blockchain in order for any of this to even matter if they cut off his internet it would matter if he was using mastodon or Twitter to talk about this event we've been talking about mesh networks and libertarians here since I've been in libertarians here and I've heard about them says one of these days going to happen I don't know what when is when is somebody going to sell the cheap met mesh network thing it's not like I know any of my neighbors Hey you know I go to the octogenarians living down the street can you can octogenarians what is that thirty eight olds the what eighty year olds can you keep this in your house so that if the internet goes down in the po po try to take us all out so that we have to book a loop right so that we get a move this conversation is going to happen okay fair point libertarians don't live next to libertarians mesh networks are going to work just say that's bleak okay so end of story all right next topic we're screwed no internet for anyone no internet for you you know I mean if we keep on sitting here in the United States of America though the largest and most effective government that the world has ever seen talking about how we need to get smaller and smaller government as the government continues to grow larger and larger we get what we deserve I mean what if I live here modify penguin who is listening at discord Opry talk cloud dot com actually has a reasonable and probably likely idea that people who were there but likely just turn on the hot spot and allow him to connect via that probably good idea but crowdsourcing at its finest I don't know that it was was there any street look pretty desolate what eventually a lot of his supporters showed up it would say okay and it looks like the boogaloo was happening and that little neighborhood in you know is like a mini blurbs yes is a sort of the pre I'm not sure what the boogaloo is by the way I I've I've heard it used is this like the big one finally the big one and that sort of you know I don't know if you wanna collapses society or like you know if the dollar just the government I I agree the dollar fails or if you know your family's somebody yeah the zombie apocalypse as you say it safely zombie a pop punk lips is the code word for anything that I anything that involves the people I want to shoot is apparently what the these folks say when all your friends you're not shoot your way out of this one folks that's less well known than Bigelow so I think zombie apocalypse is better yeah it's more PC for sure yeah but you know it's one all your buddies show up in the van and the like and we're doing freedom stuff yeah well that's okay probably the start of the book there are rumors going around or not rumors but speculation that the Tesla truck that was recently unveiled I love that thing was attempting to be locally vehicle yeah because like armor plated against smaller small capacity guns us yeah well the interesting windows apparently don't stop to small capacity when either I did watch the the the replay of the demo of that particular vehicle and I have not but I heard it was pretty looks nothing like you would expect a pick up truck to look I don't know why they're calling it a truck what what is the bed okay bed like a pick up they can tow like a pick up El Camino is a pick up truck right I'm a pretend like I didn't hear that okay living on you're just a little Caminos are open me knows I don't think there their trucks well well it's Spanish for the Camino so I'm here to clear I really love that of back to the whiskey warrior so yeah his followers jump two hundred and thirty five thousand plus the police called in the Putnam County emergency response team the Westchester county department of public safety special response in negotiations team and an armored personnel carrier booth captured all the law enforcement activity on his Instagram feed neighbor said it looked like a war zone firearm celebrities started sharing his address and ask people to show up to support him in according to the caramel police chief well because what are you trying to book a loop is that is that what he was attempting to do I mean when he says come support me what did he mean well it wasn't me comes with the cops it wasn't him saying come and support me without fire arms celebrities who are unnamed in this particular order they were giving out his address they were set I think they're trying to do like a Bundy ranch kind of thing yeah I think that there are people out there that would really like to see the the the the big one go down right like all right let's get a bunch of people out there to shoot cops never forget what happened the mall here incidents with the FBI is those last three people were sitting there waiting on their three percenters to show up and save their **** they never did what about are you referring to the mall here wildlife refuge a place where you to talk more about in two thousand two was an economy but like a fine Detroit wine this vehicle is H. two budgetary perfection soon you'll be basking in the soft glow of the singular cloudy headlights and enjoying the convenience of parking you want the strangely ball this angular shape people who haven't seen it my colleague a sporty coupe day it'll be zero to sixty actually the near one hundred thirty thousand miles it'll get you from a to B. and probably see with the help of three petals which is better than just two adults with some quality parts and a little nap and know how this could be the mostly reliable commuter you never dreamed up please 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