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Marriage together as you want a divorce at different times yeah i mean it was a quite that we saw that i've read years ago from i think is gonna sharply around be saying that that's why thoughts how her i think it was her dad's how he explained why they they stay together and it was because neither of them a ever wants to get divorced at the same time and you know rub delaney's took about it quite law in his stand up how you know more people would get divorced if it was easier i mean i know a lot of people do get divorced i mean less so in in arlon poor or even the uk thank for the further we go into catastrophe and i don't know whether this is because i wanted it to fail so completely different from divorce we thought what we want is for these characters to decide is that a without each other don't work you know said we would give the show those parameters you know that whatever happens there these people are going to stay together because they're not really whole anymore without the other one i want to play another seen this one from season's three the most recent season and m sharon the character sharon robber having some problems then while they were separated sharon has the sort of tryst will caught that with a younger man n m lies about it to rob and the truth just come out and rob is trying to figure out what to do about it it's sorta speaks to what we're talking about about you know when you for ever you know what when there are problems in a marriage should they stay together should they break up so let's just hear a little bit of that in well there are herdis overtime all have to learn to forgive you right over how much time honestly two or three months the season what are you doing and i'm just trying to work out for via cape emma birthday no henri michel rocard right thanksgiving one thought look for a of to to seeking so far or we could seek the same bed pitches in a had time now i want you to blast very my face with your white walker toenails.

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