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Eric Harley here to tell you about our new podcast. Red is extra mile. Your one stop shop for all things trucking. We'll talk about everything from taking care of your rig, and taking care of your health to new products and technology regulations, and new ways to stay focused on the road ahead. You can listen while you're driving. You can listen while you're not driving. Read is extra mile available on apple podcasts, Google podcasts Stitcher. Tune in Spotify. Why and our website, I radio show dot com, prescription products required online, physician consultation, and are only available at the physician determines the prescription is appropriate. See website for full details. Hey guys can use the outrageously expensive. Little blue pill is now generic, which means you can get the prescription medication to treat eating at affordable prices and hymns makes it extra affordable right now. Get your first month supply for free. All you pay just five dollars for your medical consultation. When you go to four hymns dot com slash tough after that, it's just thirty bucks for a month supply. Sure. Beats paying big bucks for just one blue pill. Doesn't it? Plus, you won't need an awkward in person. Doctor's appointment to get the prescription hints has doctors online, who could prescribe the medication and a pharmacy sends it right to your door. It's affordable private and incredibly easy. Nobody likes dealing with the now thanks to him. Nobody has to, and that's really good news to get your first order for just five bucks. You need to go to this exclusive address for him dot com slash tough. That's four hymns dot com slash tough for your first month. For just five bucks. Four hymns dot com slash tough. The water wish was an look at all this stuff. I'm standing on. It's called sand and it's everywhere. This woman may sound silly to you and me. It's made up of little tiny pieces of rocks. Teeny, little pieces of rocks. But to our two year old son exploring the world around him. She makes perfect sense. How does it feel when you touch this end? Is it warm up? It's hard to hold in your hand..

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