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O. D. Y. for South Florida Brian Maggio starts right now L. six W. Y. O. G. there's a broader baby blue Daddy in for Brian and as I was going through some of the stuff here this morning I realize that today is the day back in nineteen ninety seven Mike Tyson bit off part of Evander Holyfield's ear you member the boxing match third round he went after the right ear that he went after the left ear here's a couple of crazy things about that event first of all nobody can definitively say where that part of Evander Holyfield's ear is today I've heard rumors that Mike Tyson presented it with a in in Georgia Malahide to him I've heard rumors that some guy bought it at auction all I can tell you is this it was never re attached to Evander Holyfield's head they tried matter of fact after the fight was over you had a couple of people going to the ring put on latex gloves grab a piece of the year take it to the dressing room of a Evander Holyfield they took off in an ambulance with the ear in a disappeared from there it just disappeared somebody took it so might be sitting on somebody's mantel it might be a show piece in a bar somewhere but I can tell you this it's not back on his head you know by the way Mike Tyson when you when you think about iron Mike in his financial woes back in the day he was spending four hundred thousand dollars a year on pigeons the upkeep of pigeons I mean the guy the guy's got a storied past and he's also well let's just throw it out there stone cold crazy Mike Tyson Evander Holyfield that went down on this day in nineteen ninety seven are you got a lot lot of news out there about the corona virus right lap now what's good NBC news radio national correspondent Michael Bauer live in the city with the latest Mike what's going on here when Daddy you are seeing at least at this point in time five different states that are in dire emergency and approaching dire emergency fast we're looking at like Texas as one of the key states who yesterday had to make an announcement from the governor that they were putting a pause on all activities moving forward as far as re open the state went and actually took a small step back by saying that in Texas the anything that would be considered to be but nonessential medical treatment or if you're looking for have an elective surgery or any sort of elective treatment done was going to have to be put on hold because they needed the room in the state for all of the covert cases the the hospital space there if you just look at Houston itself the residents there have been infected in the case rate is growing so rapidly that all hospitals in the greater Houston metro area may run out of intensive care unit beds for today that battle be it today and then you're going to be forced into what they call the surge capacity meaning that in the next ten days all of the city's hospitals can be filled to the brim over that ten day time frame so that's just one part of Texas and they are having those similar kinds of cases throughout the entirety of the state of Texas which is called the governor to take that pause moment you're seeing the same thing with with governor to satisfy your in Florida do you see in Arizona you're seeing the Louisiana governor John bel Edwards has issued a new proclamation extending phase two restrictions for another twenty eight days and that's not even talking about the state of South Carolina or California which are kind of heading in that direction remember California was one of the state's early on the shut things down seem to get ahead of this and then all of a sudden it's having some massive surges come forward there and and for the most part even though they've gone through that re opening they aren't even a number of cities there aren't even at a place where restaurants are are open for anything more than take out so there are big concerns that we are seeing some of the highest numbers as a country that we've seen since the outbreak began and what are we going to do to try to change that or is any of this being linked back to protest Michael all the people who took to the streets over the course of the past three weeks there are some in theory we do know like in California for instance where they had a lot of protest there there are concerns that it could be protest that they have driven up the numbers here they've been saying that they've been doing a lot of testing in California that is his phone ringing true you are seeing them do a lot of testing there and it does seem that some of the numbers that we're seeing are based upon the tests that are coming back they've been testing a lot of people who got a hundred thousand they tested yesterday alone in California in regards to people who may have been involved with protests and then and were concerned about the sort of younger demographic now the eighteen to twenty nine year old that seem to be the highest across the country that are catching and spreading the virus so but there's no clear cut length right now that anything has to do with those protests in fact using kind of the opposite with some research indicating that the black lives matter protests have not been a transmission spot for this disease but there is also concern then you have like social elements that come into play here with the people for graduations or some sort of a a class end of year party type of thing Memorial Day or was even a father's day celebration good could have come into play for this all so those are still questions are other no directly going back any peace protest yet hi Michael I appreciate have a great weekend bye you too enjoy hi that's Michael Barr and NBC news radio national correspondent so couple things here first of all you can't sit here and tell me that we can blame the spread across a virus on a trump rally a Memorial Day picnic a graduation party and.

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