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That's it. I can squeeze three more minutes. Okay. Last question than guys. Are we going? Got the Mike monks. Awesome. Quick. I'll be quick. Hi, gary. My name's Mani. I just wanted to ask you, what does women's health and fitness mean ta women's health and fitness. To me personally. I would prefer it for everyone. The context as I wanted to capture the attention of the women in these Soviets, Iran, I women's health and fitness Instagram account in Facebook movement. Yes, just wanted to own night. It's called shake Ken move eight. Thank you. Did you hack the crowd? Yes. I did. I love you. Thank you guys. Thank you for having me have a great day. What's up podcast gonna do something really fun? Obviously just listened to that Keno campaign magazine, which is a big advertising industry magazine asked me for interview. After that keynote you're about to get the exclusive behind the scenes audio which is fun audio of that. But while you're doing that, please rate and review the podcast. I have not asked any of you to rate and review my podcast ever. We suck Andy I've never asked any of you to rate and review it now, I'm asking listen. I'll be honest with you fuck the behind the scenes campaign interview closed the salary now go Ray in review my fucking. And by like, give me a one star. I don't give a shit just give it your truth five rate and review wanted to pick up on a low of the things please really tool. You seeing put sickly frustrated. Marketing decisions you say so many wrong. But you say you spend all your money markets and would apply you really saying that plies to even the biggest infants g companies in the world world's biggest appetizers. Yeah. And I look I think that I think that for the biggest advertisers. I've empathy for many other behaviors. But it is the analogy needs the context. So it's not hyperbole is d- that when something is grossly underpriced. Every english. I'll give you the analogy if every English Premier League team reached out to Arby s Bank right now and said, you know, what? Even though we beginning. Fifteen million dollar a year sponsorships for our stadiums. We like you, and we all want to offer you eight year deals at one million a year. I think it's probably a good idea for our Bs to buy them. All that's where my mind goes with Facebook. I don't think people understand the arbitrage. It's not that television and outdoor and direct mail is zero or dead. Not at all. It's that most of those things are overpriced. This other thing is underpriced that means it needs its proper allocation. In today's world, if you were a massive company in the UK market between Instagram and Facebook, you are getting to a shocking amount of people at a very low cost. But meanwhile, they want to deck out a double decker bus for awareness. You know? So I would say this. Nobody is allocating the appropriate amount of money to Facebook and Instagram given how under price that is due. I believe that Pepsi and Puma in the UK shit, Orne Europe should spend fifty sixty percent of their money just on Facebook and its remnant answer is. Yes, should you? Do a lot of the other things they do. Yup. But they should cut the budgets on all those things. So that they can afford to fifty to sixty percent on Facebook and Instagram. I believe that. We this really interesting in the context of the creative side, you talked a lot about talk of clouds, how you don't understand why some of these big marketing campaigns why they won't do more. It's rations of the same central creates. Why know why I know why it's not in the margin for the media or creative agency. But I don't know why coke has not pushing back. But to take one step back, please that clearly needs to be a central crucify identity, and you still need to have a creative agency or an insecurity. Whatever you want to have creek. But I think you'll appreciate that. But I think appreciate us. That's not what's happening even in the traditional world. There's a TV see, but Coca Cola is what is Coca Cola doing sponsoring a NASCAR car and putting their logo on it and not tying it into their TV..

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