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And you can't imagine from Trump being flight enough that he just didn't think about Trump. I can but all of his advisors as chief of staff is other trade people as they see that. That's where it gets to his are they all in on subverting the president because they think he's a danger. That's what I don't know. Let's get the news now with Marshall Phillips am my friends forget gun control. The new push is four bullet control. New York Times says California's new plan to reign in gun violence is going to be aimed at controlling ammunition. Limiting internet sales banning large capacity magazines, raising taxes on bullets and insisting on serial numbers or other traceable markings on bullets so police can more easily track them now Nevada now around the country bullets remain subject to far fewer federal regulations in actual weapons, but in Sacramento in LA, the elected officials have long ago demanded ammo dealers, keep detailed records of all sales records at detectives go over looking for people who shouldn't own firearms or ammunition. The article cites sergeant Greg halston the Sacramento police department tells them times about a recent murder where he found expensive type of bullet at the crime scene. He used the sellers. Bullet logs to come up with a shortlist of people in the city who bought that type of ammo and says it led him right to the suspect. As of next year amunition dealers across the state will be required to maintain logs of all sales again when a many steps California is taking to limit access to bullet. I think this is a classic it penalizes the law abiding, and we'll have no affect on the the the the evil doer. I think it will prevent the buying of ammunition by evildoers who lack ammunition and a motor car, right or not familiar with interstates eight ten forty fifteen and eighty which will lead you directly into other states or they have so no, no such restrictions. Meanwhile, if you're a law-abiding citizen, you're never going to do anything wrong ever in your life. It's more paperwork. It's more cost. It's.

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