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Do walker oh. Yeah that's true that's part of the trials and tribulations as they were escaping the bad part of town that they kind of hijack the do up groups. Bus wrongs make a right. Well that's okay because they fix it up because it's up there on the they're on the up but they're they're new year they're not yet big and so as thanks for their work they get brought in at l. Names is a return to sink back. And i think also saying the open the open. Okay i don't know what kids kids. This teaches the important lesson about being opened a networking. You never know what it takes. You never know if the group of highway warriors Stealing your hijacking. Your bus Happens to be the in. You need to finally make it big in gotham five. Learned anything this week you guys networking yet working and of course shotguns. Yeah oh he does. He's pretty with a shotgun. I gotta say that's the only time everybody in the summer's pretty shotgun. I'm airman have sent to you guys in the group chat aac rates so shot of tom. God no real go off and do anything else. This is the cheapest handsome jaw. We could find. He plays another character named tom. Cody data which is noise secret..

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