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Every day. Scott free look see you say this. I'm actually crashes fifty million dollar leftover money in escrow. Now you can get city any give you a city debit card. Four hundred and fifty million dollars. Fine you by yourself lunch. What are you going to natia the accident. That question saying maybe maybe the old sonny j. c. air if if you followed the show you'd see question sean. About a hundred million fifty dollars. Leonardo and thirty seven cents. You know there's a little extra sometimes especially when you're when you're adding the three and the four and you're carrying over from the checking to the savings and david jack. Sometimes there's a little extra so are you are you benefiting off that little extra. Low fringe benefits the extra. Maybe getting yourself a launch from. Benny hana's days out the week. We'll send it out. That's all right. I'm going to answer that question. Two parts one If it was the old show on back in the day. I'd be like marian buried at the do. The governor demand washington member. Who's smoking crack. Yeah there'd be a lot of that going on right back in those days back in the day back in those days now today. Moving forward jane knowing and knowing what you know now knowing what i know now about everything about the governor go mile per missouri. I'm gonna take two hundred as we do. Two hundred dollars okay lunch. I'm gonna do two hundred now. Is this in the interim of your whole eight years. 'cause i'm gonna say you're going to get elected again right now at two hundred eight years two hundred a month two hundred two hundred a month lunch the workers you know for the out to lunch and then i would you know but no corruption at all right. Let's out of 'cause. I can't sleep if i'm responsible for eighty thousand people and stealing money and eighty and then the internet is a bee's we already saw a head right right. I want to get caught up in none of that. So i would do a clean eight years and my only scandal would be. He purchased lunch once a month for the people in office. Two hundred dollars. That's that would be sean. I don't think you can't. that's not okay either. Would you like to read the laundry list of with. They'll be saying they're taking yoga. Streetlight fun the gambino crime family. I just didn't look. I paid for you. Based on on the hotline. What's set out to mir mira. Robert see some calling bob. Bob say we stay. Kelly qasem bob show this. See what we're gonna do. We got shut out the room less showroom some love and going to get into some news. We'll get into some sports with even early today. Some hours in the wintertime we add. He had nine thirty crystal and eighteen. You guys please go to my plea museum between nine thirty to ten o'clock guys not doing that in especially shut out the dj wrong for helping us this morning. Getting on the air you know like i said the cable guys came here yesterday. Do some things in hand things had to be turned off and turned back on again to get us up and running so wrong. Thank you for that sydney. Thank you for your help. And let's let's prisco pause blackheart now room singer. He's his own set with i. Is that city. Let's go where the hearts act a win win hearts with a heart. A weird hotstar. Hey hey we're gonna make us heart set then. The chat page where bench heart heart says cindy. let's go. Hey a win. Hey hey are a with love. Hey hey hey. What's disabled december. Eighteen is going down short. Harvey morning show into up birthday. Bash the doors open. Come through everyone -lica- flow with what is kid always juice poppet. Catered food soldier-poet short hobby. Dj in the reception area is going. Del coco twenty twenty. That shout out to my level goes probably cologne. Who's not here today. Shot to her barbie. So her birthday. And shout out to dear jackson who sent her these beautiful flowers. We didn't open up the card but darah got hurt. East flowers very beautiful. Yes from dera. Dera jackson formerly known as derrick jackson. Daniel so we have that for her. It looks very beautiful. Shot out to young. What's gone. I shout out to lynette. Serano halen could morning. We have some teepee you that sean is gonna pour yesterday. Yeah we did. I'm so sorry shoutout to the real sakina ascott. Hey sakina how are you girl. The real not because he was playing shot outside the godfather of solar tracy ray asking. I'm all right. i'm all right. I said how no shot i am. I don't know maybe my voice is sounding a little. I was yelling a little bit yesterday. shout to henry haven. How are you thanks to the net is ascending for coming through yesterday morning in helping out another woman heart of gold. How many everything once lulu. She sat in real quick. Like dang veneta. Don't you do girl shot out to della andrews. Hey della morning beautiful. How are you shot to deborah. Leslie hades obara. How are you shot up to leshan. Hanes jones halo sean. How are you what's going on. Yeah you shots. Crystal rony comedy worldnet. What up girl shot out to you. An angel downton angel. Swisher works with right. 'cause i always get angel johnson and angela towns. Mix a shout out to angela. I message you back girl. People no i am very battle. Messenger are hardly ever answer it. 'cause i always get a bunch of weird stuff in there but it goes to another like box. I'm like if we're not friends because everybody sorry me too. But that's what happened. And you'll let me know if joe let me know if you receive shirkers everyone sees a god bless shirts and she's having an issue with it let me know and let me know the size again. Hopefully we had the size. I'll send another one back. I'll let me know if you received the shirts. Everyone has except for her so we hear. I'm here to do what i can couplets. Thank you for that shout. Out to divert mathis divert. Hager shout to kenny. Be winning kenny. Kenny be winning. So you lose brow right so We're producing his commercial right now. It'd be up and running probably before this week is out. We got you okay. So we sit all information over we send all that information over to rome and misdee- okay so it's brother charlotte elise scott. What up loot door. I'm gonna give you an extra two weeks because of the delay. Shout to josh. And eric if you're selling their. Hey josh. eric governor those two. that's right shout to dr. anne. Thank you so much for calling in. Don't forget her coat drive. We're looking for adult size coach. Small medium large extra ours to extracts..

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