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Leaving town, 85 North Northward Hills exit 89 the center lane. In their study vibes Why the Mark McKay cool Rick every year Traffic center and the worst of it's going to be in college Park. Travel Advisory is up big RIG FIRE Cleanup continues lot of flashing light activity with a couple of right lanes knocked out 25 East found at I 85 61 2 fold trouble spots here. It's really jamming the ride north out of Union City. Go ahead Muse Highway 29 to get around that that West Side perimeter outer loop. Stacked and packed leaving highway 1 66 Langford Parkway, Exit five. Trying to get through that tricky I 85 interchange tripled in traffic. 95.5 WSB per the secretary of state's website. All 159 Georgia counties have finished their presidential recounts. He's not the final official numbers would probably won't get those till tomorrow. But for the website, there is a 51 hundreds of 1% difference in the originally certified numbers, and these recount results were filing today at petition in the Fulton Superior Court. Contesting the results of the 2020 presidential election, and nevertheless, there's Trump campaign lawyer Ray Smith with the headline from one of a pair of state Capitol hearings on election security. Today petition also asked state lawmakers to pick their own electors when the college meets December. The 14th Smith has worked extensively with Lin Wood, whose involvement in the post election action has proven controversial, in fact of previous effort, led by wood. With Smith, working alongside to stop the election certification failed. WSB political analyst Bill Crane. How's it gonna work out this time? While his quote it won't just goes to show the continuing desperation? Mr Giuliani and the president's legal team. They're pinning their hopes here on some Burbage in the U. S Constitution that's ever never actually been tried or attempted, And there's no precedent for this. As you say two hearings of the State Capitol today in the other states, senators vowed to make changes to George's election laws in the upcoming General Assembly session. People that I represent we have totally lost. Confidence in our system in our election system this year Senator Steve Gooch among those seeking answers from Ryan, Germany, attorney for the secretary of state's office regarding claims of voter fraud in the presidential election. We have not seen any anything that would suggest widespread fraud or widespread problems with with the voting system, he says. 250 investigations into absentee voting are underway mostly surrounding signature matches. Sandra Peroration 95.5 WSB and also on the court front today. Jamie Dupri in Washington, the latest port loss for President. Trump's campaign is in Wisconsin, where the state Supreme Court refused to hear a lawsuit about the November elections. The president's legal challenge does not present any evidence of actual frog, as it instead argues the expansion of absentee voting was not allowed under Wisconsin law, and if you're counting this is one and 41 now in the legal actions brought by the Trump campaign, his supporters Their allies are president won't say if he still has confidence in attorney general bars to me that In a number of weeks from now from pressed about Barr's comments in that interview yesterday, which debunked allegations about widespread of voter fraud, the president said Bar quote hasn't done anything. He hasn't looked into it closely enough. Another sea change happening at the Movies Warner Brothers to Stream its entire slate of 2021 new movies doing the New Matrix movie Wonder Woman that lost Dream on HBO Max. At the same time, they opened them play in the theaters that is called Hybrid distribution model, and Robert Thompson, a pop culture historic and professor says, You might think it sounds strange. At first you'll get used to it. People who are very uncomfortable going to meetings on Zoom five months ago. Now don't even want to go back to work. They're fine with it, he says. It's easy to blame this experiment on the pandemic. But in fact, it's something the Hollywood studios have been wanting to do for some time, but the theater chains would not allow it until now. Closing bell Brought to you by Financial Symphony on the WSB market. Watch the Dalek 86 points today. 9 29,070, the NASDAQ Up 28 points. 3 12,078 WSB news Time is 606 and Kirk Melas has Atlanta radios Only five day forecast chance of rain Friday starts going up after 7 A.m. highest after 1 P.m. amounts averaging a quarter to half an inch, with isolated higher totals..

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