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Lightly harry styles and olivia wilde are packing on the pba in italy. Okay if you in new york city on saturday hit me today so you could get cultures birthday party. Invitations younger ahead talk. Go new over your cousin. Turn the light into starting right now. Wow what a hyena. Tonight we pop. It is thursday thursdays so only appropriate. I'm joined by one hundred march and lonnie love is back. Thank you so much. Do you love it hunter. Really good i think you look like a barbie. By the way. I love that all right. We eating thirsty thursdays harry styles and olivia wilde packing on the pda in italy. Major culture alert here. They are sucking face on jacek argentaria but we gotta take a look. Gloser harry short short back s whoo. Okay i've never said this before but oh here for this cup. I'm first of all lonnie. What do you feel about here. S i need to investigate a little loose deeper. Yes you're really excited. Morgan or is that i'm very into him. I love harry styles. I think he's super hot. I'm the bulge expert on this show. Okay yes ten right now. He's definitely half trump in it. A thousand percent. Well i mean you're running wild so yeah you know you would get wild wild one of the smarter. Not only she beautiful but also like the smartest successful women in the industry right now. She's directing writing. She's really funny. Hunter is this your shot at getting out of libya while yeah what he's done with her maybe when she's done with him i should say yeah when she's done with that perfect penis she wants to get with someone who is a little disappointing step in your neck. Disappointing we do. We have huntin shorts old asher. There's the bulge voters hidden. We're not gonna do that. But this is a i think he's got a big pianist his bulge against yours his impressive just because of he's also cold or like water shrink shrink eh. But i think it's pretty impressive. He has fingernail polish on to so the house even sexy love red on their tattoos. And just to be devil's advocate. He could just be stealing a couple of cups of stay sand and put them in his pocket trying to take it home. As a souvenir way might not be a pianist we hate. We've all done that. Every guys through fills their pockets full sand and pretend since their penis really. I won't take a vote guys. Don't want so everyone's like going away. All right cardi. B. is dead is celebrating her daughter's birthday this weekend with major-party and based on her instagram story. It sounds like it's an open. Invite guys or france or family or whatever the if you in new york city on saturday hitting me up today so you could get on so you could get a coaches birthday party invitations. If you're one of my family members. And i don't say you invitation Just as my mom or my dad for an invitation you know it's a lot of us and if your mom or dad came out of one of my grandmother's you're very no you invite you really have to. You know what i'm saying. You're occurs and that's what she's saying. Let me let me. Y'all go ahead talk. Let me dam me. Yes france friends. I took a picture where her bt awards in two thousand eighteen so that counts. Yes and she's on nightly hello legacy invitations. Going nowhere you to address. The hunter remember when his mom and dad came out of your grandma's regina yeah i love chicago. She's like if you're coming out of one of my grandmother's i want you. There is that's how you she's so busy. She doesn't have time to put out a bunch of inventory invitation. everybody fouls her on instagram. Right i think smart. And she's smart because she's not giving away. The address sound rabies. Absolutely not i am now. Here's mortgages why people don't like their cousin. We hate our people. It's a lawsuit with the cousin. You talk for five years. They hate to sister. No white people don't have relatives speak. I go my story at all. Post like hey. I'm having a birthday party. I'm inviting everyone except my family. Yes roy needs a sibling like really so she can see her insiders anyway. Like it's no that's leaving good friends. Okay all right. Let's mccurdy were coming. Let's move on kelly. Ripa calling her husband margaret for his petach refills on their family vacation. She took this one of the boys and then he's not this one of her in the same spot. This is the menu. First of all. I'm gonna ask you guys. How important is it for your partner entrepreneur girlfriend to be able to take a good photo with you. I would say it's not that important. Oh okay let's of things that i care about like i'm the i'm on vacation and not a single photos taken and there's not. There's not a single memory made. That's more delays on a photograph. I do not give it. Wow that makes my entire. They wanna cut by have no interest in taking photos or what the memory. That's the idea. Memory is a memory. Votto if your memory if i'm on vacation with somebody i if i don't have my phone and they don't have their phone for four days. I'm stoked oh my god not having your phone by the way like when when more single for idiots video of time i thought well it fell short in the scheme of between marriages. You know. I think like literally i thought it was. I can never. We can never be together. Because they're so different in thought about it you definitely. He took some time and was like we work together so beautiful. Yeah it's hard to look at her so smart and show funny embellishing third. Need that chips that just going original by the way okay now. We don't know what's happening on this set. But let me tell you for a little while. I was like i had a leash honey. I'm just teasing middle. East celebrity videos have raising questions about personal space. James harden and meek mill's tickle fighting versus magic johnson chasing. Ll cool j. So you know we are here. Capri eight year doing the damn thing doing a day all day all day every day. That's right that's right so good so unbelievably good. I love it. I think the tickle fight was adorable. Also just so sweet. The love the tenderness that those to share. I really liked. That was very random but look that little break dance in for people. That don't know so. I think they were just playing magic johnson and their their case average. Joe johnson tell you believe that i just die for i'm trying to get an aerial shot and you're still falling. I mean cookie magic. I have nothing but you're going to date there so starting it up for sure i just love and this is i think a good sign.

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