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By tilted jill tobin eatery your sports action hub with over fifty four td so you don't miss out on the action located woodman in i25 the only place to hear talk about your teams thinking in a become rail nami chinese man i hate those guys are your host ryan kaufman and chris brayden with dogs godfather of colorado springs sports radio milles here we go a friday heard it friday oh my god thank you jesus friday addition of dr times for its right here on extra sports thirteen under it the what were we also what does riots say the teams are here some and because the teams not all here but i don't really consider myself a team i think were more of like a crew or a posse i think group yeah because we would be the coach me no you're just the boss you're the captain i am the president the c o the general manager of the coach mike goodness yes how far down to i go so let's ryan is see the captain he's the captain gosh now what am i you are uh i was david blaine like wednesday you really top tier okay s know of my first off the bench at least it yes yeah no you're okay so uruguay abdullah okay so maybe i could be who's never want durant or curry duran was last night yeah so upset carry there you go okay yeah you know as i can tell i've done that all week issue in fact my daughter's have caveat it steph curry but yes horta curry kidney senator i've i i'm the one that's not quite as good of the of the brothers and we could go down the list of brothers that are quite as good as the big brothers are even worse than that the dads are the sons that aren't as good as a dad's but anyway ryan's on the same he got me wheels dan atucha send seth curry i'm sure we'll show his ugly face some time throughout the show because we are going to be talking a lot about the nba was unintentional that i say i said seth curry right yeah was intense yeah be courage gotta be showing his face all right our before get on what's going doubt today we got a lot of calls stuff today similar texted in i don't have the text lineup yet yesterday and he was texting.

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