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New Jersey one at one point five news time eight oh, eight now, New Jersey one oh one point five instant weather. Gusty winds continues. We go through the nineteen hours wind advisory. Most all jersey through ten pm this evening, clear skies, windy, conditions out there tonight. Lows in the upper thirties, mainly sunny weather ahead for Tuesday, a chance of rain showers again towards evening, though. Highs in the low to mid sixties partly to mostly sunny, Wednesday, highs up in low sixties and if showers possible Thursday highs mostly in the fifties meteorologist, Mark sibito Moorestown forty seven west Deptford fifty-one Franklin forty-eight download our mobile app for breaking traffic, weather and news alert sent to your smartphone. It's free from New Jersey one zero one point five New Jersey one oh one point five our own radio station, New York, not Philadelphia proud to be New Jersey. Jay leno. Jibe divers eight oh nine I'm Steve trevelise. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. One eight hundred two eight point five is another week in speech advocate. Go to nj one zero one five dot com. Plenty or stuff on my page of the Floyd was here last Thursday night. And we got the hang out and you'll see some of the excerpts. Dr Wayne Ganji tells us why put the play bunnies. Both male and female on his alone. He called here the forbid they went back up. Also, CBS augment Catan wrote the Tiger Woods book. Tiger one is fifth masters yesterday. Fourteen years after winning his fourth masters and Bob Klapisch, author of inside the empire, the rise of the New York Yankees, basically about the general manager Wayne Cashman, if you're a Yankee fan gonna want to check it out and listen as a picking the best coffee in New Jersey, which we will talk about later, but the number to get through right now. One eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five it seems like. The New Jersey politicians have just given up trying to please the citizens of the jersey, I believe just done with us. So instead going into the non citizens of New Jersey..

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