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The Super Bowl actually it was longer than that. But I'll keep it to the first dozen Aaron Donald one Todd Gurley. Two of the Rams than four straight. Patriots. Brady's define Gilmore pass rusher. Trae flower shack, Mason, a very good guard. Then they went all ram seven through twelve. Andrew Whitworth Jared Goff. Brandin cooks, rob having seen the right tackle in consumer and Robert woods woods. A little underrated. James white didn't make the top twelve Julian Edelman Sony. Michelle did not make the top twelve. Do you think James white and Julian Edelman will play a bigger part than Dominic and soon Super Bowl? Call me nutty. I do I don't know. I think New England personnel. I got burned on this. I think here's the difference. New England roster is mostly B minus BNB plus guys the Rams have more as but they also have more sees. And so there are some things the Rams don't do. Well, I think their linebacking core is pedestrian. And I think the Rams secondary is way hit and miss. I think the New England secondary it rarely gets caught in the wrong coverage or in the wrong spot. I think the Rams are all over the joint. They make great plays. They make terrible plays. Sometimes they bite on stuff. They're out of place on more than more than New England. So I think the difference is New England's got a roster of bees the Rams have more as but also more sees, but we know key to beating Brady in big gains is getting him off his spots. Actually can sue has a huge game. He he's right where he should be on that list because that's gonna play an instrumental part in the Rams winning. If that happens, I think I would put Aaron Donald number one. I would put Brady I put Brady one and Aaron Donald too. So I disagree. The list to start. I'd go Brady one Donal aeronautical to let stuff I mean tide. Girly is incredibly talented. It's just the scene of Todd Gurley. Wasn't great. So that's probably a lingering. Robert Wood is underrated for the Rams. I think he can block. He can catch. He's good after the catch. She's good before the catch. He's got sure hands. He runs good routes. I think Troy Aikman said a couple of weeks ago. He's one of the best receivers in the league. And everybody. I watch every Robert Wood snap in college. I didn't watch all his buffalo stuff. But I watched them in L A. He's really good. He not Julio Joan Antonio Brown. Rob ROY is really good. So ballots action. Probably completely take him out of his. I've thought about that. I mean, that's the guy. I would take. That's the guy would take out. What are the wise? Guys wear..

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