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It's great to have you on the program again. This extraordinary book. And i want to start here. I want to start in two thousand six because you talk in the book about having an almost eureka moment in terms of realization and. I think that there's still some people in this country that haven't had that realization. I wanted to understand what brought you to this place in two thousand funded. The gates foundation and started traveling to africa in seen only the lack of electricity but how the weather is getting tougher for the farmers there and that led me to learn about climate. I haven't spent time on it. But i was kind of horrified to learn that over time. It's just going to get worse. And worse. and the sources of the missions are are very very broad and so that in a brought me in to think about actually do a ted talk in two thousand ten five years before. I did the pandemic talk in the book. You warn that. The economic damage caused by climate change will likely be as bad as having a covert sized pandemic every decade. What do you think the role of business should be in solving this business you know. Businesses are paid to think ahead and They consumers will be looking at the carbon footprint of the companies. They buy from They will be looking for business to be part of the dialogue about shifting these systems around and so climate climate is big the younger generation. I think their energy already very high. But i see that going up Even in a bipartisan way and so measuring Footprint being open about that and being willing to devote resources to getting those numbers down over time i think no matter what business you're in that that will deserve a lot of attention but can the problem be solved if big businesses and microsoft and apple and google and others have have announced very ambitious plans. But they are all idiosyncratic mean. They're doing it on their own. Can it work. Everybody's doing it on their own or does it effectively require regulation and laws over time. You'll you'll have regulations that will drive the market for green products

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