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I don't know how we came up with. The guys came up with it. It that was like I would make you know all good. Mom's I made the kraft macaroni and cheese. Which I liked when I was a kid and I think You know I usually had some frozen peas in the freezer and cook those up for you and that kind of made it healthy so I would serve it on a plate so I would. I don't know who started it between the two of you but you mixed it up. That sounds like a chore thing. So from then on Detroit's guys weird from from then on whenever. I made macaroni cheese. You they always asked for ps and I would have to put it in a bowl and put the peas on top of it and it it just. I just don't know how they ate it. It's made me sick and another thing that mom came up with this. She'd make the one to two boxes of macaroni as we got older two boxes but one of US would have to split it so one US would have to split it in half and then the other person got to choose which bowl they wanted. That's right I'd make two boxes for two people and I mean how many servings is in one box a cracker eight six. How many does it feed? It says one no. I don't think if you can't eat a whole box of macaroni. Emily spin in that process of splitting up. The MAC and cheese tray would have like opera colossus. Where he's looking. He's trying to count the noodles because of the macaroni cheese and Weston does the same thing I just. I don't get it disgusting sweetened so you've read. I don't know which one's which is good next. Gotten list is the old peanut butter and Jelly with the crust. Cuda but not like uncrossable. Boats that little thing mom has pushed down in a perfect circle. Basically makes an incredible. I think the crystals copied me but it's Yoga cookie cutter. It was from pampered. Chef and it is to make sandwiches and I still have one and I still use it by making one for the grandkids. No He makes. He makes like a quadruple decker when he makes a peanut butter and Jelly. So but I did and if you're not making PB and J. With at least three pieces of writer doing around you're on a diet to pieces. Get Out of here all right and the next one we got is the old grilled cheese on the pan. The bread just perfectly Brown on each side. Dip It in a little ketchup. Yeah that came from Dad. I never seen someone dip a grilled cheese and ketchup. I'd never seen it but you know what it's actually pretty get. I kind of do it myself. Now it's pretty darn good and try not to like I tried to grow out of it and I just can't good if you're listening to the show you've never tried it. Make yourself try cheese right. Now get a little catch up. Vito you probably just do it every night but just pull it out of your kitchen holster veto and then yeah but it is delicious. Everyone should try that. I think it is. I will give credit to Mike Spivey for that. I actually that now. The last day we got an are listed are old breakfast category. The thing I remember most about breakfast. We've got pancakes. Waffles scrambled eggs French. Toast those are pretty good but the quaker oats squares. I think is just a house. Bring her Downer. You've never had a quaker oats. I think the best thing about the quaker oats square believe it and are it gets a little soggy. That's the best par. We somehow missed out on every single. Awesome Kid Cereal. That mom got eat because would buy whatever she wants. I'm a hypocrite. 'cause I only thing we get quicker out squares and troy's excited about it so go Sarah. My wife had never had quick wrote squares and I bought a box and I think we ate it all without milk that I did good. But that's probably the sweetest cereal that I ever bought for. You guys yeah. We didn't smile much kids but just I know you. Poor things suffered wasting away over there..

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