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That was his he was in a concentrated screaming that's right that's exactly right that's that's just show jim brought meyer the photos the photos of coach k screaming what's next for jim brock my before we get you out of here what is next for jim brock meyer you've got this show on ifc april twenty fifth season two starts its uproariously funny thank you dan libertad we meant it to be serious but it came out funny so i guess release it comedy but you know as as always i'm hoping land to play by play job network play by play job i was kinda hoping that the heat off of this radio show would accomplish that for me but now i see that that he has the temperature enforce of an old man's last dan breath so i'm not gonna hold my breath on them win but you know like you said till then you can stream season one abroad meyer on hulu we're on demand wherever you find it and twenty fifth as you've been candidate to point out suddenly you knew a lot about this interweb all of a sudden who lose feeding on the hulu yeah yeah no streaming on hulu hanky yeah when i was so promotion i know what i'm talking with you and your show says that annoys me most show streams on really a death that how it is to pull up brock meyer stuff for the important stuff and we'll premiere on ifc conversely going back to old school obscure stuff we premiere on ifc in a we on a weekly basis on april twenty fifth you'll definitely have to check your local listings for that because i promise you won't be able to find i.

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