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Idea anything other than what he'd been doing for the past eighteen years i'd quit and said i don't know what i'm going to do but i'm gonna drive around the country to basically stop having to have meetings with people who wanted me to do the same old same so berry literally hit the road in search of a new career and that's how we ended up here have you ever wanted to radio he michelle were repairing ever is available now only limited band wondered how and we love it call now yes it's qvc that's right with qvc you know the home shopping network going to hop on the phone or by handbag a sterling silver necklace but for a limited time only act now as there go back what happened was my wife who's fashion designer donald when first she had gone to this new thing called qvc and she said to me that i must go see it perry wasn't exactly captivated but he was curious so what can we see and i saw something that i had never seen before it was this early convergence of telephones televisions and computers but the most important thing was i had only known about screens to tell store here i saw screen that was interactive that screen was used for purposes other than narrative and that was while that whacked me this would amazes me about barron he's imagining an asia interactive content back in 1992 when the internet barely existed daunting even begin to imagine the kinds of content it would emerge as people learning interact through scream and his lack of knowledge in fact his complete confusion is what sold him on it could you imagine how exciting it is to go from arming glut other people understand narrative and screens but god knows i did this to go into har yes both the blank page ride absolutely right so our god new like as a blank page the blankets the blank pages may not sound like much of a plan but if you've heard last week's episode the ufm now i'm stuck out an app i like a benz you'll understand why berry latched onto it berries what i call an infinite lerner if he isn't learning on the job he simply can't do his job listen a last week's up.

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