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Second half kind of turn the tired of the game there what do you think happened there to to kind of causing offense to sputter at that point and turn thanks let's says dante to take that one and then ben i mean obviously you know you don't wanna you don't wanna go on those droughts and give teams chance to go around like that think this team was trying to be aggressive china make the right plays thing a couple of times we just got a bit sped up or just a miscue sometimes but no unfortunate for us obviously to go through the drought but give credit to michigan you know they played a great bill and ben yeah just kind of like he said you know we were being aggressive trying to get downhill kinda struggling to to kinda get the domino's started but yeah just credit to them they're you know making good plays on the ball and we weren't you know capitalizing like we normally do making good passes turn it over had a couple miscues like he said but just give credit to michigan last year the center section lynn jennings from kabc in kansas city ben knowing that this is probably the last game you play with ben richardson from loyola before that it was dante ingram porter moser their head coach will hear more from him coming up in just a bit as michigan win sixty nine to fifty seven and you felt sinead the game was really going off the rails for the ramblers there in that span where they turn the ball over five times i mean they were making turnovers that just kinda showed you that i think.

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