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Have insurance through my job at the deductible is sixty six hundred dollars so that's out of pocket up two out of five hundred dollars every answers yes can you for them no absolutely not and here's what that means Pat has this chronic illness she supposed to go see a gastro specialists regularly but she can't afford it often and she's been taking out loans to try to get there and then came this freak accident last summer she fell down the stairs at her sister's house and she was rushed to a trauma center AM had a fracture and broke my nose in three places have terrible concussion seventy five stitches in my head it's there's some scars so that likely the wrinkles cover that I said that was three that was used to pay for the ambulance fifty three thousand dollars there I think it was thirty thousand dollars all told and so insurance covered most of that but she was still on the line for more than six thousand last year and that's in addition to the long she was still paying off so she feels like it's just too much and the candidate who's really convinced her that he help is Bernie Sanders she believes in a single payer system and believe that he will fight for one I like the perseverance and the dedication he's shown to it and I just feel like he's very genuine about it ma'am in a call to sing for him yes okay yes but I would be grateful that any of them I mean I like a mall don't get me wrong if you'd be just as happy with a Joe Biden the name because not just as happy but I'd be happy that it was Donald Trump I don't know if you've heard this from for any friends or rather Democrats but when when people say that Joe Biden has a better shot at beating from as appealing as Bernie Sanders is if people say that to you what has a conversation go well I can see where they'd say it but and I've like Joe Biden for a long time Joe Biden he would definitely get some working man's vote maybe the black vote but I think what we're seeing is going to surprise everybody with Bernie he's not just some millennials candidate promising things that he can't deliver on I think we can definitely do what he says we can do so on this Monday night Pat is going to go into her caucus she's going to tell her story and she's going to make the case for Sanders I don't know how that will go into follows fails I'll bring cookies and she's not totally kidding there the way caucuses go.

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