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Sacks is what these well that's a rough dinner north on I forty one you've got a a big delays worried about hip hop on her how do you like all the university does your **** back to stop it not to mention they're gonna be wondering what are you telling him when you come well that's the thing where did you where did check get this idea that the the whole thing up we see in there said it did she go and tell us thank you you wouldn't believe it Tony such an idiot you would not believe a doll market my bosses I mean who knows northbound I. forty one is jammed up from main street Menomonee falls up to almost land road delay starting to improve from an earlier crash that had left lane blocked on the southbound side you find in the brake lights from Good Hope road down to Berlei it's twenty minutes Good Hope to the zoo ninety four westbound run and type from the market a past Miller park and from the county line all the way out to highway one sixty four twenty minutes downtown out to more than fifteen between the zoo and sixteen east bound come back it's slow from one sixty four to Springdale road and from the zoo to thirty fifth street from the Lynch GM superstorm Burlington toll traffic center news top eleven thirty W. I. S. and I'm John why this report is sponsored by import minded on south twenty seventh street just north of eight ninety four is your BMW Mercedes are both wagon running a little rough save yourself money in a tune up import minded has been providing quality service repairs on imports for more than twenty six years and uses only impact reports that's import minded on south twenty seventh just north of a ninety four fine gold okay the.

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