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Northeast where you know mass transit is just part of the lifestyle it's what's homeless back it is many ways and so part of what the acp is talking about here is not just building work train routes although that's my personal favorite are they are talking a lot about last malkin activity and all of that and you know one of the things i certainly have noticed how much travel have you done to other cities plenty okay so so here's the thing i feel like when you're in other cities you're willing to walk further because it feels like the city is designed for that yes so here even though like i live in brookhaven analyst pretty close to the marta station and i have actually walk back and forth to there but it doesn't it doesn't feel meant for that eating with the car you're competing with the cars the streets are not designed for that you walk in front of a lot of big open parking lots where you feel sort of vulnerable like you can't jump into a store if you need to do our injured had enough people out sort of doing it so if it's than all the time of day fails sorta like you're the only one someone's gonna jump you i there's just it's not designed for that so it's weird because the distance aren't that far and you talk to people from other cities nickel will i'm going to take the marta and then walked in my hotel you like mad no you want to do that you'll be walking across peachtree with you know five lanes of traffic and some if this it's not comfortable walking notes not so i think there's more than just yes that transit itself we need to continue to sort of try to move towards this more urban style streetscape well i think the the cities are starting to do that you know they're asking the the frontages of the buildings to be closer to the street so that you know when you're walking you can just go in and out of the stores and get more for traffic that way right and you know with the.

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