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The end game is for bob muller whenever it is we ilias agree to the same thing and that is what could possibly be worth all of this this many people i know it's shocking to me it's better it better be a big aha because you think about it the russian efforts a callers right maybe the grand scheme of things the money's not that big but it's the principle of us in so many people involved with but with russian biz stone there were tied i realised a lot of people it's just about defending trumper prosecuting trump royal freaky removed trump altogether on i just remove him think about them the people involved in this story how can it be worth this what is the pale what was manafort crying well was is in the game because just today the count of people who are in legal trouble to the ecsc tent that i assume their careers are over a lawyer today firebombs law firm his now having to testify because he pled guilty to line mike flynn the career was just getting started right he was ruined yeah it's over paul manafort is probably going to be in a jumpsuit one way or another some day his partner rick gate his add to plead guilty and testify against them so all these careers are over for what yeah what what's there in the mud power i guess but it's still is amazing how you can money anyway but they were manafort was losing money kass an even on the russian side okay so you wanted her to lose okay is it worth all this if so what makes this worth all the legal problems and they're so there is careers rope if they don't go to jail if nothing else they're going to have a target on their back in washington dc what we know the russians will never nothing they're they're going to enact an extra that those russians that there are not yet ride they have no extradition how could it be how could all this be worth it an intertwined with the oligarchy there a tackle the billionaire the bankerly for what so she does because you hope she doesn't win what are hope he wins what policy is hanging so directly that makes that worthwhile no one's even articulated that what would make it worthwhile this relationship yeah this incestuous relationship that.

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