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Aw missing link visual effects. Nineteen seventeen vendors. Endgame the Irishman the Lion King or star wars the rice skywalker outwit both Within game so yeah yes. Yeah I feel like in game I mean yeah there it is. I mean. This isn't a return the king sort of situation but I kinda. NFL like endgame will get Get something just because it's the the capstone on the whole marvel the whole. MCA You experiment. Experiment and how well it did. I'm like they end. The visual effects were amazing. Especially that April it just her house full. This movie was was like a big old visual mess. Yes looks it looks it looks amazing and it it just like it got they got so many characters in there so many so many everything. So yeah I kinda feel like game is GonNa. It's gotTa get something mine is Yeah come come on Academy at least at least acknowledged acknowledged that much. Yeah yes all right film editing. Ford Rituals Ferrari the Irishman in Georgia. Rabbit joker or parasites. I think this could go any number number of ways so another one I feel like at least one of these somewhat Yeah Is kind of annoyed. One thousand nine hundred nineteen didn't get put in here because obviously there is some editing that goes into whatever it is but I don't know I'm like I I say four. Four versus Ferrari has won best editing. A couple of times. It's not one a whole lot. Go just in general But the few awards has won have been editing so But so is the Irishman. It's the jokers not really one technical. It's mostly acting so Abbott parasite has also won everything so so okay. I'm bringing out the dice for this one here His I picked the Irishman Chauncey Chauncey So well I rolled my d-6 twice. I ended up with a three twice. The third one on the list is Joe Joe Rabbits so sure. Yeah.

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