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And the public horizontal bop seems to be a new release in forest park i'm sorry mt healthy saying that they should have gotten the room they are looking now for a couple who apparently were having sex in plain sight in the city park on hill avenue a wednesday night about eight o'clock it was still daylight they were in full view of kids and other people who are in the park and apparently in full view of the surveillance cameras that the park has well well they read a silver ford focus but they've got pretty good pictures of both the man and the woman who they are looking for they were doing it in the car or on a picnic table they were in the car but i guess it was in an area of the park that was not isolated and they really didn't seem too concerned about anyone who might have wandered by at least that's the police account that they put on facebook so mt healthy police went to facebook to try and i guess shame these people or at least To try and get maybe some other interested parties to come forward to say, hey, I recognize them like maybe a X Y for current wife or husband. Individuals wanted for public indecency. And if you know anything about this, contact the healthy police department like I said, if you're interested in seeing their photos, they've got it on their Facebook page. Okay. Coming up, our news at six thirty. This is the week, we member police officers who've died in the line of duty. There is a memorial March plan downtown today. We'll have all the details and fifteen minutes on NewsRadio. Wwl, w let's start movies here. I have my favorite fat guide to movies affected movies dot com standing by Kevin car. Kevin took a look at some trailers here and John wick three looks like it has some serious violence in it. It does. Yes. You've got the third John week movie, which is the continuation of the John wick saga about the best. Fashion this acid in the world, that has tried to get out and pulled back in after someone kills his dog a couple movies ago. This one is more crazy violence and action shooting. Everybody up. You've got a little bit of Halle Berry, helping them should some people up in parts. Be fair. He stabs people to, oh, that's true. Everything we do everything you'd expect from another John week movie. It does not have the femme, the quiet niceness of the other ones. It is completely crazy. I wanna fun not to be taken seriously. But, you know, it's quite entertaining, right? Then trial by fire looks interesting. And based on a true story, as they say guess, based on a true story of a guy who was convicted in Texas of murder, and it's, it's a look at his serve a look at his trial. And then in a appeals that were attempted in order to get him off of death row. It'd be end. It's a sensually a, an anti-death penalty movie because it's, it's looking at elements of his conviction and and how it turned out. But it throws everything at the wall with doesn't have really good focus at times. You've got you've got lower Dern playing. I think it's a. Manufactured character of, of a person trying to get him appealed out of the death penalty, and she's a good actor, but it does it does try and it gives you everything you can the death penalty argument with rather rather than focusing on one or two things. Then we have a dog's journey, which is about a dog's journey. The sun is also a star, which is a cute little Ron com that we don't have time to talk about much more. For those, but yeah. It's got a couple of things out this week..

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