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Purpose of that about wiron out cup of coffee there work anywhere from a uh pu to twenty four percent risk reduction for people that had three four cup of coffee and a twenty one percent reduction in people that had four or more cup of coffee in order to it they really they really kinda the measure without by milligrams of capping a guy you'd have to be drinking a lot of key but i bet i drink rapid too so in this in this guy from the nurses well that is very proactive prospective study i cooperunion quake was associated with a lower risk of green earlier in women so that kind of interesting an contrary to what we thought we knew about the different causes call ringing in the ears is the troubling thing can't do much about it and it happened very loud noise foreign corrupt were airbus road is likely to get you in trouble when you get to be a little bit older let me just say that i am concert uh flying that all crimes nerve occupational hazard that people that work with jack former fend power tool nor kerry people people that are around gunfire and they're all kinds of thing that can happen that can bring this thought enough across hearing law um but coffee consumption seemed to be protective so i think that's interesting work sharing one reason for you not to knepper fairly feel guilty about your cup a joke in the morning at another study looked at the important than pro kuhn interior through the current what happens with uh i mean that group now walker muko even inevitable consequence of aging can lead to pray open balkan mobility problems in eating enough who in one way to remedy yet that rule work examined the question should you only have it once it all your big pro kunio or would it be better credit equally among three gotari meal from that turned out to be the better approach i'm reading your protein in two e nieto could be linked to greater bone laura greater muscle mass and greater muscle strength in older people failed this quiz that they research institute of the mcgill university health care center in montreal the wreck the the crew looked at the.

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