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Seeks to get a citizenship question until the twenty twenty census the reason for the rejection judge Jessie Fuhrman said the administration didn't provide satisfactory reasons for the switch loyal law professor and former federal prosecutor Laurie Levenson this is another situation where the government wants to play by its own rules and it's not giving the court the information the court needs to efficiently and accurately handle this matter so you think the judge is done playing games he just wants the government to comply with the rules so what might we now see from the trump administration trump has said that he might seek an addendum to the census we don't know whether lawfully that can be done but it's an issue that continues to rise which is why the court says I need some straight answers to my questions CBS news update I'm but Michigan this is news radio nine fifty doubling up J. news time two thirty two mourners remembering auto industry icon Lee Iacocca yesterday at a visitation is radio nine fifties John Hewitt with more well there were several notable visitors like former Chrysler president Bob Lutz and former Michigan governor Jim Blanchard who stop by here at lunch and sons funeral home in Clawson many others never knew Lee Iacocca at all but felt they also had to come by among the ramen tries to Rochester hills a forty seven year Chrysler employee at Warren in sterling stamping just the show that I appreciated what he did Robert Schneider of Warren who worked at the old Chrysler plant became emotional when talking about I a coca man he said felt like family he saved our pensions and our jobs god bless them a fearless schedule for eleven o'clock Wednesday morning at St Hugo of the hills Catholic Church Michael who will be buried at white chapel cemetery in Troy John Hewitt W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty businessman Ross Perot has died he was the original billionaire who tapped into working class anger is a foundation for a presidential campaign more about his life from CBS's Jim Axelrod one of the wealthiest men in the country when he ran for president in nineteen ninety two H. Ross Perot body suits at men's warehouse and does he showed Morley safer on sixty minutes drove an eighty year old Oldsmobile the Texans populist campaign laser it on stagnant wages and big government best kept secret America twelve hundred I have a jets worth two billion dollars flying government officials around why can't they try and act like we live okay go to the airport getting land lose your luggage either by a male have a taste reality the political reality of nineteen ninety two was right for populism Perot died yesterday at the age of eighty nine after a battle with leukemia double double J. news time two thirty for the transportation safety board of Canada says it will be conducting the accident investigation into the June twenty eight CN train derailment that happened in the sink their tunnel between Ontario in port Huron as the investigation continues C. M. crews will have a half finished laying the new track in the international real trouble between candid up in port Huron the first train has successfully clear the total new track has been late for the whole span of the tunnel and the spilled sulfuric acid has been removed from the site or it's been neutralized four suspects no custody following a robbery last night at the birch wood mall opened for crash a township deputies with the Saint Clair county sheriff's office responding about about seven thirty last night to the mall regarding a robbery at the cage jewelers store the suspects left the mall at a high rate of speed they refused to stop and then a short chase ensued the vehicle eventually stop three suspects got out and fled on foot they were cut short are captured almost immediately the third suspect caught up a short time later by deputies before suspect remained in the vehicle the suspects are three seventeen year old males and one nineteen year old male all from Detroit recreational marijuana could be sold at some dispensaries in Michigan by the end of the year that's according to the founder of the cannabis legal group part Morse who says applications for recreational pot dispensaries will begin to be taken November first and he says the nose there if there's confusion going on from medical will be able to sell recreationally it's going to be important for people to understand which one you know which one can't we're not going to our medical place thinking that they can buy recreationally which I think it's gonna probably happen it is already happening Morrison speaking at a cannabis conference in Bellaire in northern Michigan this week a conference for those in the industry and speaking of cannabis billionaire rapper Jay Z. is inhaling a whole new industry now explain.

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