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You. The Thundercats Technology Thunder Cat technology as a premier provider of I T solutions not only for government organizations but educational institutions and commercial enterprises as a leader in cybersecurity infrastructure, unified communications and cloud technology verticals Thundercats, not just a reseller. They are trusted Advisors for businesses and their clients. Find out more thunder cat tech dot com. Thunder cat tech dot com. In a world of change. One thing stays the same. Novaks base rates have remained unchanged for a decade, even as people use more electric devices than ever before. Novak continues to keep rates low and reliability high. Novak holds base rates down even as other prices climb because you have enough change in your life. Novak keeping life bright Jiffy Lube. It's our job to keep you moving with the full range of services from oil changes and tire rotations to filters, wipers and more. We've got what your car needs. So you're ready for whatever's next putting you in the driver's seat of car care. That's a job for visit. Jiffy lube dot com To find a service center near you, Financial advisor or conduct your own Due diligence of investing calls a pre screened and the show was pre recorded earlier this week. Rick is with Edelman Financial engines, part of Financial Engines Advisors LLC in the investment advisor that furnishes this program. Parents ranks financial advisory firms, least on assets managed team size experts. Into regulatory record for himself. Nominate investment Returns and experience are not considered. Advisors in the Hall of Fame have been on the top 100 for 10 plus years. Future performance is not guaranteed. This is the Ric Edelman show Barons ranks Edelman financial engines, the number one independent investment advisor in the country. And Rick is in the Baron's Financial Advisor Hall of Fame. Now here's Ric Edelman. Very happy Independence Day weekend to you. Welcome to the req elements shows my favorite holiday of the year. I mean, how could it not be hot dogs, hamburgers and best of all fireworks. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend here this summer time, and.

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