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Podcast dave walker. I'm with my co host. Gina forever matt online. Kelly almost said thomas. Just like our last voicemail. Threw me off We're listening to what you our listeners. Readers have to say about the falcons eagles game and if nothing else. This has been incredibly entertaining. I love all of you. Thank you for listening to the podcast. By the way we've been around for several years and We don't say this enough. And i know gene feel the same way but we really really appreciate you guys listening and You make this possible and we appreciate the support. You've given us all these years. Absolutely all right next voicemail. Here we go Just let them speak for themselves. I'm the south cans. Fan and from idaho which sounds weird by itself but It's it's been and i've been through you know younger person. But i've seen seen some things for sure talking sin and my real short life span the so far but There are all kinds of performance was really something else really really something else. Rivals that of Some of the worst performances from those super bowl years. But alas i hope why because next season live it really good draft pick. Those are my thoughts. Thank you bye-bye one game in. We're talking about draft. Picks bulkin falcons fan I do love the beginning of the season. Because you know we just don't have enough to go off of yet for any team. I mean it's it's impossible to know how this is going to shake out. And the falcons really did not give us much. Feel good about on sundays. So i do completely understand the overreacting in that direction. Just like oh you know top five drag here we Nfl economic drafted a quarterback. Maybe not that could workout. Who knows of my word. I got nothing to add to that. That was absolutely perfect. Next voicemail here we go just bad. Nece i wanna know though. Why asti falcons rally the other night. I saw michael vick in person. And i love my colleagues. Don't get me wrong. But where's the love for demo anderson. Why does this franchise not love. The dirty birds needed now. Talk about that. 'cause i don't wanna talk about game adults for moving forward week too. Thanks guys. that's that's actually an interesting question. I do not have an answer for that You know jamali. Under sending a heck of a nice guy. Obviously firmly entrenched in falcons history. He's had some pretty generally minor run-ins with the law. You know obviously. So has michael vick and you know i'm not i'm not making any kind of commentary about that. I mean you know. Serve his time. I've talked to him since about the work that he continues to do to help. Prevent dogfighting and You know i feel like he has He has atoned and learned from most importantly learned from what he went through there. But yes so. I don't know if it's You know his run-ins with law in the past air if there's some other kinds of bad blood there but i do think that that's an interesting question. Yeah i really do not know the answer to that. I mean literally the player that invented the dirty bird And was the. They're bringing back the dirty thing this year and henry ford so actually it would make a lot of sense to bring them all into something you a hundred percent and he was the running. Back ezekiel over eighteen hundred yards in the year. The falcons went to their first super bowl. He was absolutely dominant in that offense and unfortunately his career ended with two straight years with an acl tear which was advocating. But yeah i actually do under the same thing. It's such a great point. And that's why we love these voicemails. We get such interesting points like this but jamal jamal anderson with three as defensive mentioned all anderson we all. I think that makes sense to all of us. It makes sense but he's not being brought back for special events and being honored. Thanks but jamal. Winston the running back to as that one is confused. The the wrong jamal. Think the falcons have actually tried to erase his name from wikipedia in fact so to be fair. Alkan says it that we have two jamaa andersen's and one of them is somebody that we never once again as as our favorite writer. Fuck colleague would say matt chambers. He's a bust who next. What our longest voicemail. This one almost hit three minutes. I'm going to let it play out because there's some good points here But here we go yeah. Hey alcoholic Matt year twenty three been a fan my whole entire life And i'm i'm quite. I'm i'm sick of this team. You guys Is just so tough i. I'm already not a huge fan of what this regime has done in the front office. I mean just. I mean obviously we have to stick it out and see where they go. obviously more than one way to skin a cat but just starting right out the gate. I'm just not a huge fan of anything they've done. I mean you know. They drafted right tackle doping. They would change his position. Lately was making sense expecting for him to be manageable which didn't make any sense. I just feel like there's some delusion when in this front office that they can just kind of Stern by in and and that's going to be okay and it's just not Between you know mayfield looking god awful and and you know. I wasn't a fan of the draft. Either out by you know the thing which may take that. There was also other guards. There was other guards on the board at that time. Worry play injury autism last. Why not just take one of them. Wide say somebody else in and completely switched them completely swisher position but anyway I was on the justin feels train Just the quarterback and you go on from there. Looking team is going nowhere next couple years. You're going to need multiple giraffes to even think about competing competing. And by that on that ryan will have been close to forty and we who the hell knows what he's going to look like ben so why even risk that and keep kicking the can down the road anywhere in you know. Everybody says oh you. Can't trade them this much money and all of this all. There's not get the financial aspect. But i feel like if you're gonna trade him you're gonna trade mean you're going to have to eat the money you're gonna have to eat the dead cap anyway so it doesn't matter just waiting isn't gonna do anything so i was. You know. definitely on just accuse train and then you know just being metal just middling. I think that's the final thing is just being average and and you know not being good enough to where you're drafting and twenty eight or thirty two or something like that but not being bad enough to where you're drafting in you know and i just think that maybe not just the top on the top or something like that but you know at sixteen seventeen. What would you really expect so I think that that's purgatory in. Its own and so I appreciate you guys Listening so Cheaper bulk reward. Wow there was a lot there gina. Yeah he something released. The doubts me at that i think is valid. Point was his He mentioned Jalen mayfield having to switch positions and david as you know that is one of my biggest pet peeves when people are like oh offensive. Linemen are interchangeable because all the positions are very different actually and is a very big adjustment to from playing. You know exterior lines imperial lines so Yeah i think that you know. A lot of people have questions about what they were thinking with. Mayfield and i think that after what we saw him do on sunday by those fair and i had this conversation with someone else recently as well the the whole mindset and to be fair this is not just the falcons but there is a mindset in draft..

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