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If byod so. The dolphin may be in europe. Which i think is of that plan outside of china at again a very foldable price. So you got to think about different segments of the market. Lots of people contact me or see these comments on on chats and forums from single. I'd like to drive a navy but that too expensive. Well there's the dutch has spring on the market and the byu dolphin on the which is gonna take you one hundred and fifty miles off and get maybe one hundred twenty for the short range. Wamba can the cost fifteen grand monthly payments most most people monthly payments. Well all of a sudden you know that those arguments start to go away. It won't be as cheap as buying a second or third hand. Diesel car with a hundred thousand miles on the clock it just. It just won't be yet but these are making their way to the second hand market and the more new ones that are so the more at the top of the funnel and the more secondhand one's that'll be available. I'm i still think maybe it means a bigger battery but maybe forty five kilowatt hour is what they go with if the price is chief. Gm today yesterday really friday announcing the expansion of that what they call altium. John's three sixty that is they're charging initiative and it's aimed at businesses and fleets and they are helping to accelerate adoption in business customers. Altium charged three sixty gives businesses and fleets access to a network of what they call preferred charging providers. It's a bunch of smaller networks. That have all kind of clubbed together to be pov. Ltm charge three sixty experts. According to the detroit news dot com website see commercial customers strong candidates for early adoption of electrification giving the potential cost savings on everything from fuel to maintenance that make a see commercial customers cases of new revenue streams ltm charged three sixty fleets but also support home charging so many employees take their work van or their work vehicle. They work truck. They have to take them home. Because there's no eh stole them overnight and the gm plant will also provide those people with access to charging and sixty thousand public charging stations. Porsche a next. The news porter is unpaced to double the tycoon. Sales forty thousand units. This year is on. The horizon as electric becomes an increasingly important part of porsches lineup announcing today they have delivered twenty thousand tycoons in the first half of the year so it's pretty reasonable to think well they can do that in the second half of the year. Porsche said the all. Electric tycoon celebrates a special success. Nineteen thousand eight hundred twenty two vehicle deliveries. It is just under the level of two thousand twenty a whole for just a half of a year by this. Latest member of the model range is on par with the sports car. Icon the nine eleven electric reporting vets. Tycoon is quickly becoming the most important non. Suv vehicle in porsches lineup. Yes it is but hey why for the mccann. Electric to arrive. I know is that's suv style. But it's going to be wildly popular in electric foam. Next homes with an arch. Points are worth more. According to this article in a scottish newspaper called the daily record a survey by riverdale leasing found the homes on the market with ev. Charging already installed were thirteen percent. More than the average of houses around them. I find that staggering can understand you know a couple of hundred quid being at eight or the convenience of them just being more marketable because You know to ten grand solar system here on the roof. You're talking about georgia. The survey did conclude. The more brits are looking for electric cars as well ninety thousand such a month online right now and the charges are valuable marketing tool of potential home sellers and home buyers says the daily record. They analyzed one thousand house prices in fifty uk areas and homes that have electric ev charging installed with more than the average and according to the office of national statistics it could add tens of thousands if the average price of a house. Obviously the mileage varies It would add twenty thousand pounds. I don't believe this story. I think adds something. I can't see adding that much to a house. Maybe i don't know. Maybe i misunderstood this research. Maybe a don't get me wrong here. The kind of people who have. Ev's maybe the house is a worth more. God that sounds snobby. I'm just saying even more expensive to buy at. The moment are no play thing for people with spend money because by no means that we wealthy But eve as a certainly something that you have to find the money to do it makes sense. You already have to want navy. They are more expensive to buy new if your cash by the monthly price is greater than the cheapest way to go motoring and so. I don't know i'm just. I'm just floating that idea. Maybe you know banks snobby but maybe the kind of people who have ev. Maybe the houses are worth more. I don't know maybe. I'm just digging a massive hole hair. Let me know if you think. I'm a massive hole anytime you want to make sure talk about zero motorcycles launching the new f x a i love the look of this This zero company has given their electric soup omotoso pampering. They've dropped the idea of a removable battery for a larger integrated pack the f. x. Ailsa cut the price Looking at the same motor from the effects and the fx s so forty six horsepower. Not huge but look enough for a top speed of eighty five miles an hour. Hundred and thirty seven k. P. h. thermal management will slow. You down to seventy five the f. x. e. uses a seven point two kilowatt hour battery. Pack for daily commutes. Probably fine because the range around town hundred miles hundred sixty case But if you put it on the highway doing seventy it's going to do about fourteen miles. I'm afraid not the biggest. But you know i think so much fun to be talking about two wheels transport next. Vw id for. Max van has gone on sale in the uk. Forty eight thousand five hundred ten pounds. I i don't know why should feel so bad about saying these are expensive. And you know you gotta have some some money to buy one because look at that is vw. Id four pretty average family vehicle. Fourty eight thousand pounds. That's huge money. Anyway it is. The max trim the sporty version of the su. V gt is now available to order in the uk The go fast model has two variants. Standard gt aches and gts. Max two hundred ninety five brake horsepower nor to sixty two dash in six point. Two seconds seventy seven kilowatt hour battery pack and the gt ex. Max doing two hundred ninety one miles slightly down on the of three. Oh one bilo. It's a three hundred mile. Evi one hundred twenty five kilowatt rapid charging and plug the nfl low state of charge. Go grab a coffee. Come by jobs that good. Bob's your uncle. Let's talk about question of the week this week with the ability dot com reading out yours on sunday. It's exactly that if you are stopping. How often and how long do you stop for not to.

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