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Get through five months of treatment. I was beaten person for the first time in my life and my wife. Diana came here when i was ready to quit with arise. When you've got a fight you gotta fight between you gotta fight barack and you've got to fight for all the people that love you. What's cracking welcome to episode. One hundred and seventy two of the. Jim rome podcast. I've got an amazing guess for this week. He is a stanley cup. Champion and absolutely incredible horse racing handicapper a legend into different sports. A legend who look cancer right in the eye an punched in the face. He is of course my man eddie olczyk. This is one of the busiest weeks of the year. For ed's oh so i was pumped that he was able to carve out some time for us good quality time. I don't just look forward to these conversations. I do cherish them. So let's get right at it episode. One hundred and seventy two of the jim rome. Podcast with eddie olczyk starts right now. Ed so it's commanding time of year. You've got race week with derby this saturday of this saturday and you get the nhl playoffs right around the corner. It does not get any better than that. So first off how you feel physically. And how is life overall eddie. Everything is always great to be with your pal Everything is good You know feeling good. Hard to believe Coming on my four year anniversary of being diagnosed with stage colon cancer. Back in two thousand seventeen of august and Hard to believe. I've been clean and clear. I got a big scam coming up after the derby so Looking to be clean and clear on the right side of the side air moving forward but it is a great time of year. Usually tim and we talk. We're right in the middle of the playoffs when the kentucky going on and That's not the case this year and everybody navigated through the pandemic. But it's a lot of excitement feeling good and looking forward to get down to louisville here. The should be too great days of race it with the oaks on friday and of course the derby on saturday. Well it's so you sound great eddie. And it's so good to have you this week to talk about these things. So why don't we jump right into it. The derby draw itself was earlier today. Was there anything in particular that jumped out to you. And what is your overall reaction to what happened earlier today. Well look at. The horse highlight ended up getting a rail in general for talk lecture and teresa viola saint allies staples and of course. There's a hockey connection. As you know jim with viola zoning the florida panthers were having a hell of eating down there with coach q and Down there in sunrise. But they'll look at you know the the the starting gates is It's the second year in in Inaction it's all one big gate where the last you know. Hundreds of years it's been you know the auxiliary gate and there's a lot of space in going on so it is a little bit different. It's a little bit more fair for the horns set breaking from the rail instead of running straight at the inner rail and then have to depend on your way through and get all her. It's a little bit more of a clear in clean run. Look there's there's any jockey in the world right now that could get known agenda off the round. I let me just get him out of the gate in position. It's iran ortiz. right now. There is no god his writing any better than i. I read or junior. And that's what i'm thinking on. Now it's still a couple of days away jim. We talk a lot and see how the traffic is playing but for me. That's the one thing that caught my attention because the horse that i think not the dreaded one hall which you know we haven't had a winner there you know what eighty ninety years whatever it is but it is we are living through the pandemic. It is a different starting date. So maybe maybe the The stars are aligned for. Finally the one horse to finally had kentucky derby. I know this. I know you like that. Hoist a lot and for todd pletcher. That had to be absolutely gut wrenching to see that. Come up the way it did. It's not impossible. It's not likely we'll see how that plays out essential quality eddie's the morning line favorite a two to one but in your mind is he the one to beat germany. A little concerned with the last race with men winning the bluegrass Over highly motivated for sat around. Now the track the day not day was playing team when it was you know it was a purple lately. You know like once. Got the front and jerry jones. Long way. i'll be honest. I thought that that race took a lot out of essential quality. I like watching horses work. I don't need to do i do. I make decision on a win. That ra's using a horse on. How horse is working going into the race. Probably not but. I just don't know he. I just got the navy regressed. A little bit hits perfect and his career. It's hard to argue wa five for five to champion last year. Is everything that you got. Brad talked to one last year Louisville news on everything is looking for a essential quality but again. I just go off of what i saw. I tells eddie olczyk that. I think he was all out to win. Not last race. Now we saw it lasted. And i was. I was ahead of his along left. This group is run at the travers about six weeks or whatever it was seven weeks prior to the kentucky derby now did a central quality leave his race at keeneland. A couple of weeks ago time will tell but i just a couple of similarities now a great rates. Don't get me wrong. Knows you need a little bit of luck enough. Electing to me. I probably gonna use the central quality but Quite frankly i. I'm not gonna sit down and talk to you. I'm not. I'm not going to the fourth in the super talk fact We're all of a sudden we're out because santa's finishes sunday you can have a pretty salty factor. I'm i'm against the favorite and grumble eddie. I think that's fair. I think if the horse was all out. I think that certainly is fair. Checkout clones jeff. in ciba's is calling for a twenty way. Finish tie in the run for the roses. You heard me the entire field of twenty will cross the finish. Line the exact. Same time you clones. No better do not bet on jeff. Ciba's visit our pows in america's best racing dot net to get the latest and greatest to make a winning bet on the first saturday in may visit america's best racing dot net today. Now we are mid week so things can change between now and then and i know you wanna get there and you want to see how the horses look but mid week. Who else do you like. Come saturday.

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