Nathan, Meeting Street School, New Hampshire discussed on Sean Hannity


Johnston. Former student of mean street, so we came to meeting street because Nathan was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder when he was eighteen months old. And Nathan was profoundly autistic. He didn't talk touch him. He didn't play English was like he was splitting to Chinese had. No idea what we were telling him about. Through intensive therapies. He just kept getting better. And better meeting street taught Nathan how to talk and this was on the communication book called picture exchange. That was created here as you can see is Nathan on. Just sort of sucked in language, even though he couldn't speak and his icons became more complex where he had nouns verbs sentence strips on Nathan didn't eat when he started at meeting street school. You can barely touch him. And the he had sensory integration where they literally taught him how to be touched and how to put food into his mouth. Well, I've been doing a lot lately. I'm in BC calculus AB biology history. The Britain free. Develop an interest in gardening. I've gone on various heights in New Hampshire..

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