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For decades Matt Bigler KCBS just ahead on KCBS I'm Jeffrey shall be the North Bay big cutbacks coming for smart trains so it should rename it something other than smart because that hasn't worked out for themselves CBS news time eleven oh eight first for traffic George Rask has all the details for us first for highway seventeen which is still recovering northbound north of big moody curve trying to get up toward Lexington reservoir conditions are much improved now southbound though they're setting up for road work so traffic slows from just before highway nine in Los Gatos southbound to the north and out of hospital curve the slow traffic is back on six eighty in the northbound direction that was down around alum rock now it's up near Hostetter so that leads me to believe this is either sweepers at work on the name it's north bound or it could be pothole crews working there trying to do some emergency road repair the ride on two thirty eight leading out to the Nimitz has cleared no longer delayed coming out of Castro valley westbound the new the Bayshore freeway also looks better now that our accident is been cleared southbound one oh one at Third Avenue we're still slow however through San Francisco in the south bound direction getting down through hospital curve for your ride dat heading south toward the Alamein the interchange there were to accidents on the southbound side of highway one oh one and that's why traffic is slow now from the north end of hospital curve just past the central freeway to lead just before two eighty your next update eleven eighteen the traffic leader K. C. B. S. are forecast in a word is simply hot we have a heat advisory in effect until seven o'clock tonight some areas could be as much as fifteen degrees above.

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