Medicare, Jonathan Gruber, Canada discussed on Herman Cain


To earn these things number two the affordable care act of the fail disastrous system what do to democrats want to do what they want to continue to spend money on it to they want to spend money to pay people to help people sat up for disastrous system two wrongs don't make a right and now the democrats want to lead this country down the wrong path again with medicare for all that jonathan gruber he summed it up when he talked about the lack of transparency lack of transparency to huge political advantage and basically you know called the stupidity american voter whatever here's what they are not telling you about medicare for all is really gonna be medicaid for all which leads to rationing in all of these socialist countries that they keep talking about we are behind because we are not doing that like everybody else they don't tell you the truth point number three socialize healthcare countries the democrats and the socialists of not telling you the truth about the rationing i was talking to some one from canada earlier this week and it turns out that when they first past socialized medicine in order to try to force it on the public and to make it work they passed a law that said that you could not you could not go to a doctor and pay for services that you want it if you could afford to do so there was a guest them all there were trying to force it down people's throats and make it work well that didn't work out so hot because when a cost started to go through the roof because canadial started to feel like it was a right they couldn't control the cost so then they came back and changed the law and said if you can afford to go to a private doctor on your own you can now do that they don't tell you about those county issues folks they don't tell you about those kinds of problems so that's that lack of transparency that jonathan gruber talks.

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