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Same cows you know little things like that was was great making pasta using using things that would normally go in the ben but yet make lovely stunning stunning dishes with them. Such. Great. Something is the thing where I love ensued as the team and when I made ugly butterfly, it was it was a whole other ball game you had to think extra but in terms of sustainability the group, how'd you become sustainable delays? The whole vegetable to utilize the whole the whole animal do you do responsible so saying yes, sure. But that's not how you become sustainable. How you've come sustainable is you teach if you do not teach, you do not know puffing example is everyone would been cauliflower leaves or Broccoli stokes because their parents had my mom had I'd always been missile then you know. Utilizing stuff that you've always throwing away, but you've always had it you you've always done it. So that's how it should be done. So creating things like a Caesar, Salad made with Bradley Salts where you've been these sites on a mandolin instead of using cost lettuce and then you make he's addressing and all that sort of stuff in the crunch the water content is delicious utilizing things that you would always throw away in a more methodical smart away but only doing it because you get toilets. So in Butterfly Enough Jeff Zone have students because a chef would come in with a with a mind does I've always done it like this. So I'm continuing. sponges what ones that really care about sustainability anew, eating off the land for eating everything am seeing that little that will cause working, and then they then come to the door on board with you to you and say, well, how you've done this we can do this. We can do that you know growing mushrooms and all the ground coffee. So yeah, you you have like a pillow case finished with the coffee hung in the wine cellar Nova Sunny mushrooms growing. But you plan to dispose you moshing growing on it. Okay. Prospect you mushrooms on yesterday's breads sold the bread. That's see made cut in half olive oil in the oven rubbing garlic roasted below the mushrooms that you've just grown with the coffee not things like that. So all of the packaging that we have in our group and everything from Amos recycled or by fighting way to it's is all that sort of stuff and it's just thinking about the bigger picture. You have to care about. You do you make it so much more exciting than a lot of people I suppose it just go and little bow on on the side we should probably give a shit about the environment. So at that all sounds phenomenal and I can see it as a release of your creativity. You think we have an obligation as a sector. Henry Dimbleby came out this week with a sort of look into the food supply chain and and and it's been sort of set to agriculture's probably one of the top three biggest impacts on the environment. Also people change into sort of you know either flex a -tarian more plant-based. Impact of what we? Were among wearing food and drink, and we probably understand the supply chain and we understand food better than anybody else. Do you think the waste of have a moral obligation to educate and help teach people about where food comes from what you think we should just sell what the customer wants to buy..

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