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I'm Chris Miller on your official weather station WWL am FM and dot com your weather tonight mostly clear skies with temperatures getting chilly we're looking at thirty is on the north shore staying above freezing but some frost is possible forty south of the lake in the metro area the forecast from your local weather expert WWL TV meteorologist Chris Franklin in just minutes and PT did a closed off a section of lake view while searching for three suspected car burglars cops say they tried to run over to tech of resulting in shots fired in lock down that area schools no one was hurt W. LTV is Mike pearl street reports frustration is growing among citizens and cops with the car break ins we've seen the crime maps we've seen the burglaries on surveillance video and we've seen the depressing aftermath statistics give us an even more precise picture there were more than six thousand car burglaries in New Orleans in two thousand nineteen a fifty seven percent increase for two thousand eighteen Louisiana's population declined by nearly eleven thousand residents from twenty eighteen to twenty nineteen according to US census bureau estimates officials say that's because twenty six thousand people moved out of Louisiana to another state last year the sixth highest number in the nation demographer Greg regular blames the local economy yet the mystic migration is a clear indicator that people are going elsewhere for employment clear indication of that taxes was the biggest recipient of Louisiana's out migration and led the nation in total population growth at three hundred and sixty seven thousand new residents with the New Orleans Saints season over head coach Sean Payton is ready to start thinking about the team's future next phase for us is is the evaluation of our own personnel before we do anything else and so we'll be doing that the next you know we can have and then you begin to look at you know upgrading or improving rosters best you can and then that's either via players in this league of players that that are to be coming up to the draft he says he is not talked with quarterback drew Brees about its future yet but added that in a perfect world breeze will return and play along with getting to keep teddy Bridgewater and take some hill at QB Peyton Notre however we don't live in a perfect world here's the WW well forecast was another gorgeous day today with cooler temperatures as high state of the low and mid sixties but a chilly night is all the way as temperatures drop into the thirties and forties north and south some frost as possible to begin the morning on the north shore highs on Wednesday in the low to mid sixties everybody gets a job in a few more clouds in the afternoon and mostly cloudy on Thursday a much milder morning with warm afternoon temperatures into the seventies mid upper seventies by Friday of more humid day in a chance for some thunderstorms around fifty percent a ninety percent chance for some morning and early afternoon showers and thunderstorms Saturday with the risk of some severe weather likely will be clearing.

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