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To the Valero Alamo bowl on ESPN radio and ESPN tremendous defensive effort by the Texas Longhorns tonight they get a first half shot out of the top fifteen opponent for the first time since December December fifth of twenty fifteen negative twelve break Baylor team in a game where Baylor was down about the fifth string quarterback for most of the game Kevin and the time out you taught a chance to think about this fourth and one of the play clock winding down and use the time out would expect you to do then the bring your heavy sets in two three tight ends in again to have at least a ship in a motion pre snap to create some confusion baby still survive that's what a lot of coaches and once the allies would create create some movement so is going the wrong direction that causes hesitation because the gap to open stay with us in the Lubbock office he be one of those whose line the is it expected the left side of the pistol valley running back meaning that is to take the stand he goes it's the fact that sixty six is only just lined up close on the outside but not a motion that would affect any linebackers lined up take the time and it was a Tyler Huntley keep it the way Texas defense is swarming today I would have been my choice to play golf sac moss is in your bag filled yeah him him the football north and south while in office of line to lean on this Texas the line get for your exact March with eight Kerry's so far this game nothing the second hand similar and the Texas offense will take over a territory Paul at the forty three yard line versus the shock see a girl off to his left ear looks to the sideline for six Bucks an hour for the rest of his office of line after class so I said and picks up five well get with them and after running over I feel the contact on here on the field six four two hundred twenty pounds Ingram is built solid sixty carries its Kansas state one of thirty nine yards and two touchdowns in a hundred and fourteen of the second half a game or just nine second it for now for Texas up nothing the gate of fifteen nobody picked up big and this is a great play design versatile number thirteen defense rests in the face mask this is the first movie goes to buy two but all receivers are within a few yards of the operative lining to condense everybody including the defense of the linebackers and then you releasing room you're running back quickly to the flats you automatically out levers of linebacker give your runny backing quarterback a lot of green grass to work with great and after that play with ten fifty two left in the third quarter Texas is in the red zone ball be spotted at the eleven yard line get a remote please right now to the shocker to see the select one of the right today the right so hundred zeros motion there's that's due for a new lows any other beauty they call so the third time in the red zone we see get outside the pocket to his right threw a touchdown on one this time they rolled to the right and we're back to the side of the it'll pay for itself the kicker lines up to the point after it is good the point is runs you by all state this season for every field goal extra point made by participating universities all state will make a contribution to the university's general scholarship fund thank you all state with ten minutes and thirty seconds left in the third quarter I'd rank Texas seventeen number eleven Utah nothing you're listening to the Valero Alamo bowl on ESPN radio and ESPN M. sports leader AT and T. we believe that access.

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