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James herself Boeing cabin wall they're producing and running the board for the next four hours of those that killed show right here on CBS sports radio great to be back after a little weekend the vacation last week where Salin Shawn did fill in very good job by both the bomb and that this past week I was filling in on taz in the movies as I was in for the moose and had a very fun time with taz but nice to be back in the power chair hosting right here on CBS sports radio for the SAT guild show on a Saturday morning then tomorrow and Sunday morning as well well the whole lot of fun we'll have some guests that will join us along the way I'm coming up at the top of the hour the pro football hall of Famer the eleven time pro bowler and now does a sensational job as an analyst on the NFL network rod Woodson will join us and then at four forty AM eastern one forty AM Pacific the heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier he will join us as tonight he will have a fight out of the west coast at the Honda center that's going to be up against the baby chit this could possibly be Daniel Cormier his last fight so we'll get a chance to talk to DC I still think he has another fight or maybe more left in them I would like to see what more with John Jones but if this is it for Daniel Cormier I hope it does go out on top and it's gonna be a a tremendous rematch between core me a and the judge in a court may Cally did when the first flight by the way we're coming to you live from the rocket mortgage by quicken loans studio rocket mortgage is with you every step of the way to provide a seamless mortgage experience so we'll mix in the UFC will touch a little bit on baseball as well but at this time of the year so you know that means it's football football football and more football and I want to start off with something on this Saturday morning that is very concerning to me and when we did this topic a few weeks back it wasn't concerning to me because you look at the schedule and you said we got about a month to the season you have a a month and change at the time we're talking about into the start of the season it's just that I passed the injury right now you be a little cautious you don't be too aggressive yes the engine block is been out awhile however with this injury past most of it with the shoulder you don't want to say that this is going to be the end of the world and then your fastball or do you have more information come out and now I'm starting to panic a little bit about the Andrew luck situation so just to refresh your memory because you have nine thousand different stories one day it's this injury the next day it's another injury here's the whole time on on the situation and your love lock originally dies suffered a calf injury somewhere in April then in may and June you had Frank right keep on telling yeah Hey everything's fine it's just the cast strain it's not a big deal and during that process and you lock was sitting out O. T. A.'s then in July he returns for training camp and then suffers a set back and he's at so this got a little bit more choosey over the last few days one in August Jim Irsay the owner of the team is speaking to SiriusXM and he says it's a tiny bone injury called OS trigonal might think that's how you say it which is a small bone that sits just behind the ankle and only five to fifteen percent of people have this bone so of course with venture what he's gonna have this bone and then you find out later that night Chris Ballard says emergency press conference site the tool teleconference hearing clarify with Jimmy was they had to say as Jim Irsay what he said necessarily they were looking at it but that's not the injury that Andrew luck has they say all is OK their ballot want to just clarify and say that it's it's just a high ankle injury so this whole thing is all out of whack it's all over the place and now we know that injured walk will play the rest of the preseason the colts want to make a decision on who's going to start week one against the Chargers after their third preseason game which is next week and then you see the report that came out yesterday that the colts now have guarded optimism that he will play week one whatever the heck that means guarded optimism so they're hoping he plays week one they're gonna say they're positive I don't think they're positive about this situation whatsoever so maybe they finally identified what the injury is and I guess what the password then you're locked in it was a different regime they're not going to get the benefit of the doubt I actually like this new version now now I like the Chris Ballard has done Frank Reich I'm a big fan of his but there was so much positive momentum brown with the Indianapolis Colts whether it was the draft picks they had on last year Clinton Nelson the offense of linemen and then I dowries liner the linebacker Andrew what did return a year ago was MVP form after a little bit of a shaky start I remember going to a game in Philadelphia last year early on actually it was the game Carson once it returned which Hey that's another injury problem to with Philadelphia we'll see if Carson once you get through the season but last year I remember being in the building for colts in and eagles in towards the end of the game the colts actually pole dancer lock because they wanted to bring in Jacoby burset to try a hail Mary and right there that was a little bit of a red flag early on this season what didn't look all that great and people are talking about on his arm now is like a noodle and he may never be the same quarter back and then we all laughed at those takes because at the end of the year he had his team in the playoffs one around and add thirty nine touchdowns and fifteen interceptions and that just shows you how good is your what can be how great and to what can be because he got killed with a shoulder injury missed all of two thousand and seventeen and then this first season back tosses nearly forty touchdown passes and we saw what he was capable of in two thousand fourteen where he did throw forty touchdown passes with the team that you said a lot of guys who who who's this who's played for that team and he got them to an AFC title game actually did defeat the Denver Broncos in the round before that before they lost the entire deflate gate A. F. C. championship game with the patriots in the cold so what then you lock I hope this isn't something that we're going to be following throughout the season however I fear that it is because I don't think and your walk is playing week one one we play this season I don't know but even though it's a different part of the body the pastor's plan and then it for me and whenever I hear an injury or danger walk I say all here we go again we're a few weeks ago I was saying I had just have straight I don't want to believe it I didn't want to say eight something you should freak out about and now with all this uncertainty now with all this chaos it's starting to bring back the memories of the shoulder of he's fine he's gonna play now it's an ankle then it's a bone right behind the ankle now it's a it's a it was a calf strain it's all over the place and this is ugly and they can tell you they have guarded optimism all they want that's a bunch of baloney I would be very surprised at this point at least one week one now how long is he going to mess I don't know hopefully plays week one and hopefully is good to go but you can not Russian back because he's your franchise you have a decent backup option and you call the person that has some experience before but if you don't have the injury walk it's going to be tough to win that division and I was really deciding on this division as we're getting closer to the season I'm trying to figure out what teams I'm going to pick and the AFC south is a very tough division to to pick who's going to win because the Titans are an okay football team but they'll be competitive are you take a look at the Jaguars how much will Nick Foles change that team will be able to bounce back to where they were two years ago after a very disappointing season last year you take a look at the Texans all about their offense of line you know they have the defense of talent you know they have the quarterback in the sun what's in it and in my opinion they have the best wide receiver in football and Andre Hopkins cannot offense a line though protectors on Watson and I think a lot of people would be picking the Indianapolis Colts this year but now the opinions are probably starting to change because you get these flashbacks with the way they've handled enter look in the past and you're saying yeah this one doesn't look all that good now Chris Ballard did speak out the other day again and as their at least given updates on this and balance to this is be a pro football talk I think it's a cumulative thing through the years talking about the walk injury which is now a high ankle injury answers to add some ankle injuries with his left one for awhile and I think it's just kind of a cumulative thing so he keeps on saying it's cumulative thing that's a cause for concern and I get he still under thirty but there's a lot of injuries on that body and you just hope like I mentioned Carson once earlier who is younger and what's gonna turn thirty by the way in September so he's almost basically thirty years old right now you just hope this is in a career that we look back on in a few years and say man what could have been and it's the same thing for Carson once or any of the later Jimmy J. hello good for Jimmy Jimmy got to see more of him once in block a little bit more stab wish look more so it is been a legal longer and once is played MVP type of ball you seeing Jimmy G. in small doses but all these quarterbacks that are coming back from injuries that are you still for the most part young and have some career left in and have some years to go you hope that you don't look back and you look and say man we saw some great years but it could have been better if he was able to stay healthy from here on out for Carson once ACL a back thirty three touchdown seven interceptions back in two thousand and seventeen you look at them and you hope that he doesn't suffer anymore injuries because he could be a real special player may be the same for Jimmy J. and that's just what it is when you have players that suffer injuries and John what's in his first year towards ACL was able to bounce back last year and even if you do survive one season like luck did last year and like Watson did last year if you have an injury pattern it's always something that's going to be on your mind now for colts fans last year maybe it started to go in the back of their mind because he was able to play and play an elite level and you say okay were passed these hurdles but now the hurdles right back in your face and it's a massive massive massive speed bump so I'm not buying this guarded optimism that the colts have if they're going to make a decision as soon as next week for their third preseason game I read that third preseason game happens and maybe they'll now to publicly maybe they won't I'm going to say that enter luck will not be playing week one now will he be in Tennessee the week after that Willie return at home against the falcons the raiders or will make his debut in in October at Kansas city then you have a bye week who knows I just took the something this is something that doesn't linger but once again you can not put him on the field until he's good to go.

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