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God is a home. How oh sorry stevie a minute. You don't know that That was that was uh. That was the album with anniversary. I know you know that one why you gotta play me with the young because she was six years old when it came out sixteen all lucy pearl album. I'm just joking that's a joke. I'm just i'm i said. Hey little walter. Give me some credit to joke anything. Or who else would you like to. Unite is a two way for ready for the world. Yes an ready for the world like surface. It's going to be the thirtieth anniversary of new. Jack swing so i would imagine we talk about new jack. Swing for a second. Because i feel like the john or that period of music has been sorely overlooked. I think it was something that you had to be there for like. It's a hard sell to people in two thousand sixteen rex because the music was great. But like i mean it was kind of hokey. It now like listed the baselines and the drum program. I mean like for example like the foreign exchange the cover. We did a stevie wonder if she works hard one of the main reasons why i want to do that. Song was because i thought it was a great song. So the new zakia just take the jungle fever. You know but those are great songs but just the production of the time it you know. It didn't serve them. Well didn't he. Didn't age well side note. Yeah that's the one thing. I big from stevie wonder people like can. I have the masters to jungle fever fever just so i can take the drums away and put what i think he would do. In nine hundred. Seventy three to so the candles. I love the candles without terms. No rexona effect. Uh we'll get back together. We could just make new jack swing. We got them back again for the soul train. Wars luella we did. How do you determine what soul train will get versus. What very very good question. It's a very good. Are you allowed to say what your your your baby is. And what your steps on his house. Yeah because then hip hop honors my favorite my favorite. No disrespect favorite celebration of gospel. Because if you can't sing don't come wait a minute. That was a fourth category. I was even thinking of celebration of gossip. You can't sing. Don't come anytime. i actually got into the room where we might lose good singers. I don't i learned that you're no is it was. It was a choice by good singer to song. I respect that. That's fine but but you gotta thank celebration of gospel. I just wanna call to adam. Show tyra when when i see you. London adams walk into a room. My i smile. Because i know my ears are next she is. She just is just a gift to sound. So between bt wards and soul train awards How do you end. both of them are your responsibility. Yes i'm gonna say earlier. We all talk about how to keep calm head. We have the best production crew in the business. With jesse collins entertainment loves engine and connor landau who oversees it for most directly for for for bt is just the best in the business..

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