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Oh, and a quick update from Alaska the bodies of two more people who were missing after the mid air collision of those two small sightseeing planes found yesterday right near the crash of catch a can. So that raises the death toll of the incident up to six of federal officials are still on the scene. They are investigating and the cause of the crash is not yet known. But three of the people who were hospitalized are out. So I imagine they're being investigated and during the day today, we'll get more as that. Becomes available right now. Let's update traffic and weather. We do that for you every ten minutes on the tens it's from TempStar heating and cooling problems. Seventy a little slower through the Worthington corridor. You've got an accident reported off to the right on the twenty three ramp to two seventy west. So we're slow now to take a look at it. Seventy one three fifteen still slow down from one sixty one adding an extra five or ten minutes to the ride in seventy one still heavy into string town road, but not backed up to sixty five anymore. So we're starting to see that improve to seventy north through Whitehall Gehenna, very crowded as well. Hamilton road still being reported closed in both directions at Sawyer from an accident scene. Also, most where we have the down power cables earlier this morning broad street has picking up a lot of that traffic headed west over to Hamilton road. So watch for delays westbound off reynoldsburg new Albany. If you come across any of the traffic problems when you can do so safely. Call us on the three BodyShop traffic tip line at six one four eight to one eleven seven download the pink button collision repair app. Traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens from TempStar and custom air. Your next updates at eight twenty. I'm Johnny hill. Newsradio six ten WTVN ABC.

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