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Yeah i i you know i feel your point i do understand that i just think that even adrienne brown trey one them offended by those than joe west dug up as sort of a showmanship gene you know that that came out there and uh i just thought that those comments were kind of a knock yours everybody laughed at them and for baseball to give him a threegame suspension um i just thought was excessive you know is there any indication that he is uh uh punishing adrian belle trey or or making calls differently because of that i didn't think so uh you know but i i understand what you're saying that they do have to have uh uh 'presentation that you know they're they're uh uh you know impartial when it comes to everybody and to make uh comments like that probably wasn't the best judgment by joe west but i just thought that they elevated it to a bigger level with that threegame suspension and i just didn't think that was was necessary uh holding on to a little more positive topic major league baseball played the little league what are they cut the literally classic last night at obt ballpark between the pirates in the cardinals what did you think of the idea first of all and then second of the game itself i really liked it you know i i liked the way baseball baseball desperately needs to reach out to you know the the younger kids and get them interested in the show these players you know land flynn riding the bus with kids and and uh who was it uh tommy fan handing out snow cone saying how i mean th this is exactly the kind of think baseball needs to do so while it was only one game uh symbolically it was a much bigger outreach effort i thought and i i just think when baseball does these things with rob manfred like last year have in the game at fort bragg it it really shows a different side of baseball and get the back to its roots so i thought it was a great idea and uh yeah i mean i i watched the entire game but from what i saw look like uh the williams ford cross gutters are gonna have a heck of a facility now because i was a beautiful ballpark to to watch a game on.

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