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Is fast you can run. He overthrew the might he all? Right bye-bye. You're right. I need I need to get A. Little. After might you run? Go Him by that one. Okay. So here's give an example. If Brady misses a reader throw in a practice just in front of the team and pardon my language would he say damage Tom What are you thinking? Would Bruce say that Brady. Say That I don't think he would. I just don't think he would dare to because you're talking about NFL royalty and Tom Brady. have. We do that John Mr Reader Franken let me SLEEP APNEA AGAIN How. About that was okay. That's the way you could. That's what you do. You miss the read. Let me see that player might say sharp you gotta run that radical hard. Right. Here I'll get it, but they're they're the pecking order here and even Tom is cultural. Pride. Now, he understands what he's accomplished in leading them. Guys understand where they are so. Sean mcvay is not talking to Erin donal like he's talking to a second of three, your player that's not a copy. That's just the way it go and you. Get in you understand that it's just like normal job somebody that's been on the job that's a higher up. Way Role you get it and you deal with it. Okay. So my bottom line to this discussion is if Bruce Arians decides he has to impose his will or his ego on Tom Brady this will fail. He will favorite what do skip you call Tom and you know now I will get on you in front of everybody got. Some operating with bell checks. You do it like that and and so. That that that happened 'cause you understand of the status player that happened with me at Savannah state coach Dave who called me and home home I'm GonNa, get on your little bit because I need to pick it up. Okay. Cohort Chad Johnson said, I think he's still Chatto Joseph Point, his first day his New England. Patriot was the first day Camp Brady called the team together as a team. They watched the tape of the jets loss in foxborough ended the previous year in the playoff and he renamed brady from start to finish watching the tate right in Chad was in all of it in it made Chad say. If if he does that to twelve what what's he gonNA? Do me exactly right exactly. So that's the message into the team. Now Bell Check Warm Brady before the film session I'm going to come after right and the thing. You can do that because guess what Brady came in the sixth round dropping he didn't play a whole lot his rookie year in so you can kinda lay the groundwork had brady came head tom come in as a fait, a hydra first round draft pick and he plays he's not coaching him like this. He's not the. Not. Just like not he's not talking to Lt like that even though he the defense accord that he'd like to talk with the parcels, not talking like that. So. I. Get it Bruce. You'd head coach Yeah but you treat them all. You don't treat them all to say what did Jamie's the guy fell asleep in the meeting room and he couldn't. have been agent. He's out a we'll give. You Michael? Up, exactly. Exactly. On Fat Joe's instagram showed this week Allen Iverson got into the NBA debate and may have changed his tune. I. Said Quote as much as I love Michael Jordan Lebron James is the one back in two thousand eighteen Iverson called abroad the greatest player of his generation. But said NJ was still hands down the goats Shannon. Why? Iverson change his mind here in Washington. You, know because he's seen Lebron James put together a resume even though he played in the era of Jordan, he played against Jordan and skipped you and I discussed this all the time. When you play in generation, it's hard for you to see the generation but or or the generation after his better than yours you hold onto this get because you played in that era. So you that will be the best because you feel if I play the era that means I'm one of the best. But you know he's look Lebron now an MVP level and you're seventeen. He's on his way with thirteenth first team. All NBA, which would be record his sixteenth. All NBA salacious would be a record and so when you look at it and he said hold on. May with the eighth straight finals. Good he's going to be to involve. Why. Is it that? If you say something you can't have a change of heart why you have John Q. Moment why you why you can be bothersome man looking after what I've been seeing over the last seventeen years having played with that guy haven't played against excuse me play against that guy haven't been all star teams with Ed. Yeah I. Got A new new goat really ual J. J.. But Lebron one really Brij as that war Yep He is the one today. Today he's the one but Allen Tins to wake up. Does and say you know. Kevin Durant one because for while he was saying, Katie's the one OUTTA sight outta mind. But now a I is also out of sight out of mind this he wants to be loved he wants to be lie. Fan Yep. He wants to be accepted on social media. He wants to be back in the spotlight because he's been out of it too long in the best way to get likes and get love right now is to say it's all about Lebron is the one right when he gets hate right now. The table from me. About like he gives them. Hey to. See. Somebody has to be objective when it comes to Lebron James and obviously a I is not. So he's playing to the crowd. He's preaching to the choir because he wants the choir to sing for Allen can I ask you a question? Why is it that if somebody says that someone is better than Michael Jordan is hate they're doing for all the wrong. Reasons. That's not true. Why can't they have their? Why can't it be true? As recently as twenty eighteen, here's what Alan Iverson said about. Michael Jeffrey Jordan Okay I love Lebron I have nothing but love for Lebron s the best player of his generation..

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