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Show. A Z. I mentioned earlier. Poetic justice for the world's most unfortunate looking birds, So stay tuned. Can't even imagine the bird right of poem. Stay tuned. I'm guessing That the hand held vacuum technology is advanced in the last several years. I need one. But the last one we had was just an exercise in frustration here. She just like over a single crumb like playing some sort of bizarre during video again. Just busters. That sort of thing. Yeah, your handheld. You know, way we've had good ones and bad ones. Main thing is you got to clean the filter a lot. I mean, the filter gets gummed up fast. And then from that point on you do that. You got one. Cheerio and yours going. It just won't pick up the one Cheerio And you refused to pick it up with your your passes. Cheerio. Look at it and put him back down. Right. Put it better try to pick it up again. Because this thing cost $75 pick up the freaking cheerio was their jelly on it was a stuff It'll know. Uh, try this again. Brewery. Hurry. Had one. That was great. Remember what brand was? The clothes are handy. So handy for your car. Your home if you got kids or must? Yeah, we got that stares You got like the carpet in the middle of the stairs than hardwood on the other side of it. And what am I gonna do with a dust cloth like some sort of sucker know, maybe I'll maybe I'll go to the storm. Thanks. Sort of sucker. We watch The Simpsons episode where Homer says And so now, my son, Sam always says Now I'm using my legs like a sucker. Yes, yes, That reminds me that guy who wrote like the Most Simpsons ever did A guy's super reclusive, never does. Interviews. Never has. He did a super long interview. I guess John Schwarz Geller Schwarze. I can't remember his name. It's not that last one. But yeah, it's if you're big Simpson's fantasy. It's really cool. Anyway, getting wasting so much time being woke it work, he finally writes a memo to everybody. Look, we make project management, etcetera, etcetera software we don't have to solve deep social problems chime in publicly whenever the world requests our opinion on the major issues of they or get behind one movement or another with timer treasure. These are all important topics, but they're not our topics at work. According to Tech journalist Casey Newton, about one third of the company's roughly 60 employees to buy out shortly after with one fuming. Basically, the company said, Well, your opinions don't really matter unless it's directly related to business. Ah, lot of people are gonna have a tough time living with that. Here's how it all came up. So a new hire quote volunteered to help the company work on diversity issues, Okay? So it's a newbie who says volunteered? Yeah, I think I would like to help this company with some of its diversity issues. I'm new here. But I would like to volunteer to be in charge of diversity issues here at the company because I noticed there's not enough diversity. Um, Yeah. Okay. Wow. Wow. Danger danger. This included the working on diversity included criticizing the fact that for years many employees had contributed to a list called the best names ever in which they placed funny customer names. Like the sort of name is Bart Simpson used to use when he pranked Moe, the bartender, Amanda Hug and Kiss Seymour Buck, Is there Amanda hugging kids here? Why can't I find a man to hug and kiss Steve is into high? Yes, exactly exactly in the truly distasteful Mike Raj. So anyway, they compiled the list actually funny customers with funny names. Ah, third of the company joined the diversity initiative behind the volunteer and two employees who had contributed to the list of funny names. Asked Why why have we never had an internal reckoning over that list? They apologized for their involvement and included the link to something called the Pyramid. Hate from the Anti Defamation League. I've seen this pyramid of hate. On the bottom of the pyramid. Jack is not inclusive language and micro aggressions at the top is genocide. And the point being If people or institutions treat behaviors on the lower levels is being acceptable or normal. You end up with genocide. I'm not sure that you do off course, Ugo. So the base camp chief technology officer and co founder, uh, condemned the list of funny names but found the invocation of genocide to be an example of catastrophe izing that had the effect of shutting down rational conversation, which is exactly right. And Jonathan heightened. Greg Lukianoff wrote a brilliant book about it. How how young people are making themselves crazy, partly because they act like the tiniest little fences just disastrous, and they have to lie in bed weeping for a week. When one employee continue to push this line of logic, Hanson pointed out that the employee himself had participated and just making fun of customers names. You're the person you're complaining about. He thought, But soon after the day made it clear that woke ones. We're going to change the culture, and I'm apologizing for the sins of my past. And, uh, blub blub, and they said, look no more societal in political discussions on official company channels. It's a major distraction. It saps our energy. It redirects our dialogue toward dark places. But on Twitter John Breen, who's bio describes him. Is he him? A DHD Southwell software developer. Queer High Maintenance, tallied the exodus in a thread that began. Let's keep track of the folks who are leaving base camp and do what we can to find them a new home where they're allowed to exist without being told they're divisive. So a third of the company left so some people put in their list of things. They are high maintenance. Did you want to say that to people? I'm high maintenance answer. It's a thing. I mean it, Z No, that was something you put on there. Yeah, it's kind of worn as a badge of honor. You know? Or is it or isn't it? Or is it supposed to be like I'm admitting up like saying I'm an alcoholic or something? It's no, I think it's like saying yes, I'm a diva. I'm a bit of a diva. Of course I am. It's that sort of thing. You know, it's it's a potential but on a similar topic. I just absolutely love this. I hate it, but I love it. A bunch of young snowflakes that Simon and Schuster, the legendary publisher, What have they been around for 102 100 years? I mean forever. Um, they petitioned the company not to publish any books from anybody who served in any capacity in the Trump administration. And I think this whole book thing is weird. So if you've been following the one about the biography of Philip Roth, the author, I have not. I don't know if that Simon and Schuster not so He's one of the greatest authors, uh, in the novelists in the history of the English language and certainly in America. And may end up with a Nobel Prize. Someday he's that level. So the best biography ever written about him is just coming out all the reviews. They're just raving about how this is vey biography of the author in America. So if you like that sort of thing you like that sort of thing, Okay, but Something came out about the author of the biography after the book is already been reviewed, and is about to be released. I forget what the guy's got easier. He came onto an intern or something like that. It was a me to thing, but so they decided not to pull the book. They said, decided to pull the book to pull the book and they're not gonna publish it. There's already been reviewed. It's fantastic. Everybody loves it. It's about this author. Everybody who likes this author wanted to read the book, but the book, so I'm gonna be published because the guy who wrote the biography came out What kind of world do we live in now? It's just crazy. That's stupid one, I'd say. Good luck. If you're gonna go back through history and treated that way, Good luck with any music. Hey, Well, good luck with anything. Architecture er Devolving desire, tearing down this building because the designer once showed his penance to a girl in a drunken college party. Yeah, beautiful or wasn't up to speed on race or whatever you know, the argument by the world crowd is you can call it canceled culture. We call it a responsibility culture where you're held responsible for what you've done. Yeah, but the problem is, there's no due process and there's no proportion to it. You know, I don't know what this author about the author, and somebody probably write a book about him someday did But come on, You gotta cancel the entire book..

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