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A guy who were runners in scoring position who could not have played better as a Yankee your call is different than Manny Machado thank you need the way I see it today's to consistently go deep into ball games that take the pressure off the bull pen the line I'll take away from the Houston Astros to me it's a win win the waiting for the Yankees at the like the Yankees and make a move that is a splash well your goals this flash and so is it a broken hairy is up next on a phallic some hairy how you doing a good morning good morning to you was going on I'm a match and other actions for many years and I you know I'm a little sister says this I'm wondering it is he worth they can own should we come back I mean you were is mentioned the Jason berry and but they and I got a twinge right away it seems like everybody else you when they leave the Mets and they want to come back to the match they seem to be doing great on the other teams but when they hit the mantle of certainly go downtown no wonder uses so students were waiting for why should he be starting in Los real cool what I think he's got a sherry first things first Terry he can get back on the baseball field before I'm entertaining the idea of Katie play every day Kenny fleet back into the fold in the every day lineup let me see an SS but is go out to left field and play consistently go play four games in seven days I'm series staffing in the don't fill out I think the Mets Y. O. SS was back now I don't that's why you had that whole issue with the video in the picture and the frustration within the mess that was posted I think the Mets won says his back I think they want that insurance money well it it says but it says I can give it a go well then you've got to find a way to get back out there and figure out what his role is going to be says it is if he does come back and can be somewhat effective his future is going to be is the H. now is there an American League team that be willing to take him off for a year he'd have to really look the part and would have to get a clean bill of health before you even consider that but that's gonna be sore on what's going to twenty twenty what is the potential role for says but is there on his back to him I said as very part the white what else do I this is a new day I was talking about Chicago into misty Upham billable shopping was a wide receiver had mixed in next year when you think remember the when shopping for wide receiver help they brought in Taylor Gabriel from Atlanta they brought in Allen robinzine from the Jacksonville Jaguars they spend money on wide receivers the problem is Mitchell to basically is not any good to white and they could have had the show Watson they could have Patrick balls they traded up to go get make sure basically that is going to be tough to live that that is going to be so mad if you're walking around Chicago and your Big Bear fan you're walking off Friday night talking shop having some phone get out of work thinking about you we got a football how many conversations in Chicago you know we could have more homes you know we could have lots and we got stuck with this guy is a total staff to basically is awful hello you dying to get on the field against these giant defense and dementia basting you can make plays against the giants then yeah Hey Stana packet foot shell my thanks to suss across the way on the other side work pal everybody who called outstanding stuff is always we are back with all football Friday show we got couple surprises lined up what vehicle I pigs well I'm chasing cats will also have bill cracking burger for those you saw actually he's going to be in studio people reached out always a big fan of the show so he's going to be in tomorrow right after the Thursday night game awesome fall rat a gate what shows coming up boomer NGL coming up because everybody.

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