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Story this hour, President Trump walked out of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. After three days of treated for covert 19. Here's how it sounded as he walked to an SUV with reporters shouting out questions. President How many? How many of your stuff Thank you. Thank you later walked into the White House without putting his mask back on. His doctor says he is still contagious. That much more on the story coming up in 8 31. Carol Stream Man is heading to prison for eight years Mark the Joanie pleaded guilty to supplying narcotics to a 33 year old Hanover Park man who died after taking the drugs, which were proven to be fentanyl that Joanie was arrested the next day after police say they executed an undercover drug deal with the 29 year old. A driver on the Indiana toll road pulled over to fix a flat tire but wound up accidentally shooting herself. There were four people in the Toyota Camry, including a baby when Indiana State police say the driver accidentally shot herself last Tuesday while trying to put a hand gun in a bag. Police say the bullet from the Glock 19 went through both legs of the 20 year old driver from South Bend. Trooper already on scene to help with the cars. Flat tire near the Chestertown exited the toll road put two tourniquets on the woman. She is expected to recover the hospital and no one else was injured. Police say the gun belongs to one of the passengers and they did not announce any charges. Nancy hearty NewsRadio, 105.9 FM. A Chicago man on probation, is now facing gun charges in DuPage County prosecutors. A 20 year old Kombi mayors was arrested yesterday in Clarendon Hills have to recall of suspicious activity policing as they approached three men. They fled on foot. One of them threw a loaded pistol at officers following a brief chase mayors was arrested and charged. He's now being held on $200,000. Business news from Bloomberg Coming up next W maybe a news time 8 22. This is J. Foreigner CEO of Quicken loans and we want to help your house feel more like a home with some of the lowest refinancing rates.

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