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Tuesday 84 Walkinshaw 68 Milwaukee 73 Wtmj. And the Bucks exact some revenge against the Miami heat in the next week. ER, So for last summer's lost in the NBA's bubble, joining us now a man that will be on the call of Game one tomorrow afternoon advice, sir for him his voice of the Milwaukee Bucks. Ted Davis, Ted First things first. What are the biggest difference is you see for both of these teams? From last summer in the bubble until now, What is the big difference is, I think for the boxes through holiday and what an upgrade he was at that position upset many times. It's not a knock on Eric Bledsoe, who's a good NBA player and a good person, But overall through holiday is a much better player at that position, so that Is the biggest upgrade for the bucks that he just aren't playing as well as they did in the bubble last season. Now, I still think they're dangerous team and this is not gonna be an easy serious for the bucks. But they're not flicking the way they did in the bubble as they go into the playoffs. And for that reason, I think that it tells a little bit toward the bucks right now and Ted during the regular season. The Heat did not have Jimmy Butler, who just seems to do something. When he sees the green and white of the Milwaukee Bucks. Something goes off and Jimmy Butler and he turns into a beast. Yeah, He's very good player. Hey, maybe second team all in Bahia. Maybe first team all defense. He's a guy that can take over a game and you've got to be concerned about that. I do think the bucks are better equipped to guard that kind of thing this year with a drew holiday that they can put on him. I think B J. Tucker was a good pick up during the season. He is here exactly to do what he needs to do. When a player is going off like Jimmy Butler. You can put P. J. Tucker on him. He can guard multiple positions. And that's a guy who could stop a guy who is on a scoring run, and the Bucks hope that he can do that at Key times. Had word of the bucks not have advantages in this series. Um, I just wonder if they can figure out the different defense is that Miami is going to throw it the honest I don't think it's going to be any one thing. I think they're going to come with a lot of different things. Goddess will know how to read. What's happening the heater going to try to wall him off, They'll run bodies at him, and it's gonna be up to guys like Bobby Portis, Bryn Forbes, Pat Connaughton and some of the guys that came off the bench and played well this year to continue to play well. In the playoffs, but if they turn into Nico Meritage, that's gonna be a problem for the Bucks. Ted Davis, Voice of the Buck's joining US Live on WTMJ preview in Game one of the playoffs between the Bucks in the Heat tip off at new in the game here on WTMJ starting at noon with our pre game coverage. The Bucks also had some trouble stopping folks scoring toward the end of the regular season, giving a buckets of buckets, it seemed especially from beyond the arc. That's another thing I think coach but is gonna have to clamp down on it would assume. Really? Yeah, The MBA is is what it is. You know, It's like baseball where it's all swinging for the fences. It's a three point lead now and you've got guys who can hit him. So you're gonna have to live with the fact that you're gonna give up a few during the game. You just want to mitigate that you don't want them to go for 2022 23. That's when you have a chance to lose if you give up 14 15 threes a game and you're hitting about the same thing. Then you don't really have a problem with that is those nights where the opponent goes for 20. Plus and you're maybe a 15 and they've got a six or seven. Three point advantage. That's when you're gonna have problems. Ted the last couple of seasons, it seems like Mike Budenholzer is really struggled to make in game adjustments on the fly. When things aren't going perfectly for his team. How much pressure do you think he's feeling heading into this playoff run, given how the last two playoff runs have gone? Well, there's always pressure on a coach, but I would say there's more on boot Hill's air coming in. I think the bucks have to make a deep run into the playoffs to satisfy everyone. And so your question is what is a deep run? I still think it's Eastern Conference finals. You know, you go up against Philadelphia in the Eastern Conference final and you lose and seven and it's very competitive Syriza, and that's one thing. But if you get bumped out before that, or if you have a bad Eastern Conference final, then the pressure grows on a coach, and that's just part of the job for any NBA coach. After this long of a lay off, we have to ask the age old question. Rust versus rest the time off. Probably good, though, for Johannes because hits a knee and ankle issues going into this, but you hope that the team keeps it. Said after these many days off, yeah, Miami's in the same position, though, so that will be even. I think it's it's a good thing for the bucks to get in the gym and practice a little bit. They've been doing a lot of different things defensively this year. And they've been doing it on the fly. There's been very little practice time in this convinced 72 games schedules so almost like a mini training camp, where you get in there and work on some things that hopefully lock down some of those defensive issues that showed up late in the season. And then tip it off at one o'clock, and here we go. I still think the bucks are gonna win. I think they're gonna win in six. But like, Johannes said, who knows? The honest said that yesterday and we'll start to find out tomorrow six is a tough first round. Serious Ted Davis with us here on Wisconsin. Morning news on WTMJ. Ted. What impact do you think 50% capacity is gonna have on this bucks team with more fans in the arena for the first time in my life? Well, it has to help. There hasn't been much of a home court advantage anywhere in the embassy. So you know when, when their heads zero in there and they went to 3300. It was noticeable. I mean, you know, the the arena wasn't even close to being fooled by showing Wow. Okay, people here well to go from that to 9000, That's gonna be pretty significant, and I hope those 9000 and half tickets make noise like 17,000 for the Games on Saturday and Monday. Ted Davis. Voice of the Buck's joining us Live on Wtmj always appreciate the time, sir. Take care. All right. Thank you. You bet It's 7 56. Once again, our pre game coverage starts at noon..

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